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Life is like a gym...

Handsome Kilaxe

4:50 Oh, it's just C'Thun whispering some tentacle things.

Patrick Connor

Keep up the good work. I love the Easter egg videos

C o N n O r P a R m E l E e

Did anyone else notice the second counter said 47 quiet cheeky guru

Newell Family

You can only cut a 💎 with a 💎

Tourino Rojas

This. Is. My. Dads. Phone. And. My. Name. IS. BRIAN

Gleas Boi

Adding on to @CringeMeme Central


that was a sick dunk at the end

Kishore Priya

Garetwas the awesomest fail

Free Legos

demon asylum stole your

charles smith

Y she look like Diane from bojack horseman

Brett Koller

film with the broncos

What the FUCK?!

tanki online

who are you guys awesome dudes



Mohamed H Y

You silly girl you should not ignore her this is your mom

Corie Smith

i love tyler

OH yE BtS MRuQ SiZ aNlamaSZsınIz



You forgot the ungrateful child

Griffin and Landon vlogs Ball

Y'all are fake this Chanel suck

Dyson Xyooj

Hi I'm Dyson and I am not alive, if I could arrange two letters in the alphabet I would put u and I together.


LOL Nice! I can't believe I never noticed....I have failed you guru....

lily suki

To me this is disturbing...

Marvin Bough

..."Big Time" ?? the hell? Who says that..... I'll bet someone was bro raped in the midst of that celebration.

Levi Daniel Plays

No Pringle chips harmed during the making of this video

Where are you?


why is the fat one the main one????


He just took that off the nose 0.0


These dudes got some serious soccer skills. Would totally recruit them.



Hamza Hamz

I can Dow load it on a samsung

Abdullah Irfan

Fans on dude perfect

Eduardo Marquez

Hey guru, if you put in youtube: niño loco aleman (that mean in spanish: deutch crazy kid) you gonna see a kid with a rage over 9000 and is so funny

estrellita vera

Stormi called me poor in a complete well spoken sentence😭

Mr_x 1992

Dont' hit a man with glasses, hit him with a baseball bat xD

Beyonceee WithCheese


Keith Butler

2019 France

reginal jackson


Maggie Bower

do a lot of fun and turn on the cam and Chucka whater BOOL ON a best friend

Aaron Germeyer

All dude perfect fans listen up I saw a commercial and I am not making this up dude perfect is having their own show on nickelodeon and it will be coming out in July so get prepared for it yaaay!!!!

Madison Ferguson

Awww so heart breaking


2017 anyone else?


Infinity ward you scruded up again.

Fabrizio Talent

Can I have the dog😂😂