MoneyBagg Yo "OOOUUU" Remix | InStudio Visual

Moneybagg Yo Releases an Instudio Visual for his version of Young Ma's "OOOUUU" Shot By: @WillShotchaProduced By: U-Dub


A Tax



OMG breath of the wild 2 Nintendo just took the win at e3

Railey Brown

😭 😭 this is so sad 😭 😭

آبو زهرة



Honestly you could put a whole film’s length of scenes from art house films and it would be relaxing af


I love this song as much as i do his sweater

Joshua Velazquez


12:45 how is she in the drivers seat holding the camera and not using her other hand to drive? HAHAHAH WHAT

Alex Vinzzzer

Horses please 😂😂😊😊

Kyler BNKM

We know your name Joseph and you made us proud!😃from America

male= man


nope, is a real game. no mods.

Michelle Isnt Awesome Williams

Tom: breaks headphones


you have a good eye guru


The Discworld reference SUPER caught me off guard, but I really appreciate it, Division!

Hope McSherry

No one:

yung dibble

Do airsoft trick shots

Heck they can't defeat me in slow Mo

Aiden sharifi

i love fortnite so much i’ve got 5987 wins in total got all of season 9 battle pass and even gears endgame mode is amazin🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Vern Sullivan


shona pyorre

i love football.

Mia Manjarrez

I thought they share the same bank account💀


Toronto Blue Jays  all the way!

maria vallejo

0:25 mrbeast song

WWE Forever

I want this to return !!!


Dude women are so important we fricking make humans

Young King

Kylie Kuzma

J Rob

Best episode yet boys!!

Praharsh Joshi

Badminton trick shots with victor axelson

I LightenStar I

It took them 3 months for them to learn English

Shoy Sauce

I'm a little offended.

Nishat Mostafa

Annie is a goat!! Love her!!

Darth Revan

Can someone share me this game pls?

Christopher Presti

Don't waste the gaterade

Karinna Perez Choutko

I took so long to get that he died 🤦🏻‍♀️ and when i finally got it (stage 4) i thought it was her way of getting over him at first


half life is my favorite game of all time (no seriously i have a tattoo and its my new years resolution to play and beat every existing expansion in the series every year) and even I didnt know about that david blane thing i had seen the model before but i thought sense it was so un-detailed it was just used as a background character

RealMist 2358427

Both of the twins got super cool 🤣🤣

Diana Castro Pimentel

im 12 and i wanna watch this dont judge meh k

*Matt gets unconfortable*

austin jones

can you pleaseeeeeee do a best of 2017 thanks ily


The Infinity Gauntlet easter egg wasn't found until after the video was made.

Corvus Glaive

1:16 you called her fat ey

Jazz The Muffin

I health has entered the chat I

TinyLegend Rice verified

17:20 men in tasty

Benny Waida

I got" 81" lmao


Wow you’re really getting old, the one with the glasses

Aidyn Brewer

dat duck doe o.o

Jake Stowers

I hope this only comes from supply drops or something cuz if someone has a lot of these and healing they can just win from out of the circle

DJ animates

One episode before Coby wins


Nice one

Jourish Panela

Am I the only one waiting for the peace in ending?

10109 김태영

그럼 이거 야구장하나 빌려서 한거임?레알 아침부터 밤까지 맨날맨날 저거 하려면 힘들겠따.청소도 해야된는데