MoneyBagg Yo x Key Glock x Tay Keith Type Beat "Hustlin" (Prod. By ChaseRanItUp)

MoneyBagg Yo x Key Glock x Tay Keith Type Beat "Hustlin" (Prod. By ChaseRanItUp)I Just want to say i appreciate everyones support on my videos lately! We are growing so fast i cant believe it. Yall are really helping me get close to being able to have my dream job and be able to produce music full time! Thank yall again!⏬ Purchase: Beat Store: chaseranitup.comLease Pricing:💰 MP3(Lease): $20💰 WAV(Lease): $40💰 Track Stems(Lease): $75💰 Unlimited(Lease): $100💰 Exclusive Purchase: $200✉️ Email: chaseranitup@gmail.comFollow Me:📸 Instagram: @chaseranitup🕊️ Twitter: @ChaseRanItUpAll Rights Reserved to ChaseRanItUp © 2019#MoneyBaggYo #KeyGlock #TayKeith

Dan Foggs

How did you find out about all the easter eggs

Kayley Prada

Tom looked so cute!!

Maldus Alver

Good find on Easter eggs, nothing against you but on some of these games the Easter eggs are sort of like a slap in the face as time was spent on programming these hidden jokes instead of fixing the bugs on the game. (cough BF4 cough Colonial Marines). I mean seriously a rolling doughnut? Tell me that programming that thing only took 5 minuets. Because if it took over a day then tell me Gearbox, WHY DID YOU NOT FIX THE OTHER BUGS GAHHAAAAAAAaaaaa!

chanthou som


An Guha

There's so many awesome movies coming out I'll be onloan by end of this year !


4:24 Grammar fail *you're

Magdy Awad

2018 anyone?

Dusan Vukicevic

Germany XDDDDD

deniz Oz

realism is always missing in this game. shame. as a fan im very dissapointed

Eric Bryan

Garrett drop his phone at 2:32

Blackhawk games

make DAYZ easter eggs


This disorder sounds horrible, although, I reckon if you learnt to handle it you become a pretty good actor. You can be like sassy girl and action omg whaat 😂

Slime Time

Dude perfect rocks if you guys like sports watch my Chanel all sports just tap my pic thx love dude perfect

mauricio macri

1:30 cuando pasa la vecina x tu casa

The Sugar Rush Potatoez

Did that glass cut you guys?


For people in England this stuff is easy. I used to do these challenges with my mates and it would only take like 4-5 tries. This is like below standard for footballers/soccer players like these.😂

Lordd Duckk

Dafuq with the ending XD

MonsterMaster Wilson

Dude perfect my brother James he was a big fan but not e anymore


6:40 XD

Kristina Pate



As you wish guru... Puts a shotgun to his head and pulls the trigger

I am a creature of the dark

All these judgemental ass comments. Congrats hun! I quit too over 15 years ago!!

Hi Hi Up

8:13 wow Alice are ur arms ok?

Can I get 10,000 subs for no reason please P

The twins are my favourite

Jonas Brotherslover

I don't get it, is it like in their genesThey are honestly so talented👏👏👏 U deserve it....

Parag Shah

Congratulations Garrett

Bryce Gardner

Who else has been looking for marksman trick shots and can’t find it.

Beebo the mighty little bear

“Tell me these things with recording gopros mounted on them work!!!”

William Gerard

Rose are redViolets are blueWhat the heckI didn’t get any too!

Israel Ortet

#YIAYjob erin is a sub bot she makes diffrent accounts to give u subs

Jivin Patel

Airtime trick shots

Czarina Annika

I'm not scared of death but I'm scared of losing my loved ones and the thought of never seeing them again makes me sad. 😥😣

Aleksejs Savranskis

ChickPerfect :D


Playing fortnine Gar