Money - Cardi B / Crazy Dance Video !

DID THEY KILL THIS ?!?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAt the famous Millennium Dance Complex in los angeles !! Choreographer David Moore's Class featuring some amazingly talented pro dancers ! #moneydancechallenge #moneydance #money#cardiB #moneychallenge #trending Choreographer : @davidmooretvFilmed by : @monseeWorldSong : Cardi B - Money (prod by @jwhitedidit)Location : Millennium Dance Complex @mdcdanceLEAVE A COMMENT LET ME KNOW WHATS YOUR FAV PART?!

Albanian boo C;

Please do the jsc!!!

Rei Domi

Breke record

Jason Lindsey

*BiltByTitanDarkness song

Aaron Aiden

So cool them shot

It Your 1 Boy

1:56 you ain’t living garett

Nico F

Try to find some in the Nintendo games. I haven't seen any videos with 3ds or Wii U game Easter eggs, And I've been subbed for quite a while. I might have missed it if you did. But keep it up, love the videos no matter what length.

tay swift

she cam choke

Korah Leah

You are GLOWING!! Also so happy that you have captions now!

Alfonso Flores

Oh yea

Hugozzz Rebelo

Why its not on Spotify!!! Put it on it

Mariana Quental

... 2017?... hey...

Jirka Nemocny

Guru, there were those pillars and when you remove that sign there is a button that should do something or did you tried it ?

Omg they expect her to LIVE in PAIN?!




You should do Blake Griffin

BK Vlogs

My favorite is Cory and Coby

Yellow Boi

It may be because u were chewing on your nails it does help your immune system but not your baby because theirs a lot of bacteria in under your fingernails and hospitals

Azaan Eyaad

I just really hope that this isn’t just another cash grab by Disney, I’m Praying that there’s a good story behind all of this.

nick johnson

0 dislikes!!!!


I’m really starting to hear Jimmy’s New York accent in this

Memez Memez


Billie McFreakin Eyelash

Ooh legitness

Luke Midgett


Ali Mohammad

check out my compilation please :D

Lukas Magnuson

the burj kahliffa too.  but I have no idea if I spelled that right or not

Mace the Omnilution

This is the greatest zombies Easter egg story ever told

nick russo

Bryan was totally the kid that would cheat in elementary school 🤦🏻‍♂️😂