Money - Cardi B / Gosh Choreography

Gosh teaches choreography to Money by Cardi B.1MILLION Dance StudioYouTube Channel: WEBSITE:Dance Studio

EpicBlack GamerTom

What is that suit during the daily planet easter egg

Youri Vonk

Alex gaskarth :D

Michael Jay

ok bro have a nice day:)

Alejandra Neri

Que hermoxxa cancion😄😄😍😘😘la adoro😘😘😘

Queen of The world_ Yeah!

Cool story , i will cry😢

SASHA Left the chat

I started comparing myself to these pretty characters....😂😭

Jamesthe1 Στ

I wonder why that scene was removed. Did it just not make the cut?


People who use hours upon hours of their time to find crazy and cool eastereggs in games... you da real mvp's :)




4:55 his arms look so dead wtf

escenas de películas y juegos

Hasta este Rewind es mejor

Gavin Lopez

Guru is the reason I watch youtube, haha.

Finn Dillon

You guys forgot the Guy who hits who just hits bombs all the time

niky st13

I never clicked so fast on a video 😂

If you don’t believe or like what I say or you don’t like Jehovah witnesses please don’t hate on us just keep it to yourself or at least try to actually see how kind and loving we are and you might change your mind😊

Sierr a

Kylie: mom what are you eating is it chicken 😂

Terri Israel

I love this

Obscene Jxker

man i luv u guys those pussy dcu ppl r gay as fuck there luck u guys r pure skill lol


I'm Romanian and I leave my home for a better life I know that felling..

Turkish Army's 💜💜💜💜💜

maikel747 3

you need to look at part 1 my friend.

Colt Rapier

Dylan is epic

Jasmine Hinds


Beth V

As someone who’s 5ft2. I feel this in my tiny legged soul.

Lynette Weible

From phildelpha and it is a cheesesteak. Phili phili

Syper Mickey

Like For Zion Williamson Reply For RJ Barret

Nicole Charest

Demo crazy. Mob rule. When you have a population of dumb down , ignorant people with no integrity ,self responsibility or morality combined with lying pedophile politicians all blaming each other for the deploring state of affairs.

John Bagnasco


Elias Lopez

My parents wanted to know if you are ok????!!! Hahaha


were going toruin the world

Autumnz _Artz

I cried, I'm going to take this advice thank you and good luck to you all.

Crazy Kookie Draws

5:43 'time to make some noods' 😂😂😂