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it really be like that tho

There's also a Marco polo Easter egg too in chapter 12 when you're near a crashed ship and swim around and get the trophy.

Suliman Bundu



Mikayla Tamagne

Yay Cory! 👏

Playinggirl 1117

I'm That Girl

Jaerus Aloysius

You can't achieve something if you are negative Also James:Yes I am telling you to judge someone based on they're clothing


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River Fern

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Augustus Keeton

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Alje Vermeer

1:24 I got my first strike ever by doing what Garrett did

Bob Jeff

The song 😃😃

Miles Hunter

the big fish i think is a tarpon or something, but its cool!

Taym Aouda

This is going to be so coop

Kaidra OE

Does this mean that every pixar movie is set in the same universe?

Phillip Jestis

With the renovations to Kyle Field, you may have to revisit and make a whole new video for the worlds longest basketball shot.

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August Storm Piper

did he just dab at 1:48

Hải Nguyễn Bích

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Herr Wunderbar

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Ivon Espinoza P

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Alicia Games

I know this isn’t supposed to be a funny video, but when she said “palms are sweaty” I thought of moms spaghetti

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Aidan YT


ME: "Nostalgia level over 9000"

Jack Daniels

Advanced Warfare

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With the slick visual design and the chill music this actually looks and reminds me of something I'd see in a movie theater prior to the start of it. Really professional stuff here.

Rich Constantino

Guy: Man sorry for your loss

Nate Anunciacion

The next episode: nerf gun Fortnite

Kevin Morais

I’m so dumb but what country is this?

Rig Mathur

him winning gets little annoying but were just human, so... we do the best we can

Ian M

good god, like we need any more reason to fear the saints offense this year


Taking all the food was the best part

Jay Pee official

I can't also understand your story: omg it’s true “No”


Im the buttery popcorn guy.

Avatrus Entertainment

Very nice!