Monster School SEASON 8 : Top 5 Monster School Challenges - Minecraft Animation

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Kalyan Chand Budhimania

Film Juventus if possible

Annette !!

technology is not for me. rather have lived in the 1800's

joel thomas


genoveva pastor

En el minuto 4:20 lo paso por fuera no llego a entrar y si no me creéis poner el video a cámara lenta


What he said, in the weapons menu, there's a button to set the weapon to a hotkey on the d-pad.


i swear to god if gunna wasnt hungover when he recorded this, shit woulda been fire

Owl_ girl104


Jilllian Petry

I love softball

Alex Barrett

What's this song called

Schmeler Matthias

Music in the background 🌹🙏🏽pleas

Michael Bovet



I’m betting that Coby was dressed as the panda

Ells 47

ok but are we gonna have a gay elsa or not

Me: I failed High school because of my addiction to fortnite

Jasbir Thind

Hey dude please make a fkip in which there is no water in bottle

RottenRodda 12O

The hammer is telling you that that on of the next cod games is games is going to be made by a company with a hammer simbil

Kalan Gillard

If people dislike they’re r just jealous. Like if agree

Shaggy Rodgers

Kim-John-Un wants to know your location


you sir, deserve a medal.

Michael Skolnick

Why no wheel unfortunate

Andy Gaming

It should be called the basket bow

Arceus Knight

I can see the song played for the trailer being the opening theme to anime version of the game where Ash travels to the Galar region.

Oscar Self

Ugh Serena she’s like Yh all I can say when I look at her is when she made a scene about sexism and stuff


2:45 i had a jumpscare

CC Paul

I want to get my butt done so bad bruh


15$? Isn't that all the money you need to buy all the ubisoft games? Let's be real, Ubisoft doesn't make the bad stuff that EA does, but still... a game with 9999999999 collectibles randomly put on a map doesn't make a good game + they don't try to make their games more fun or creative, they just try to copy the ones that did (and they fail every time).