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so this is why i kept seeing pop ups saying you started playing gta: vice city

ricky contreras

great songs between clips loved it


Hi Mr. Beast, i am a retired soldier from airforce, i am living in an area where the people are living below the poverty line and that's the big reason that female's education is approximately zerooo in my area, i don't want to receive money directly or indirectly so that to convince you that I am real with the real Issue,my aim is to educate the girls of my area, give them education and civilized them as the rest of the girls of the world, girls in my area have just one concern that hey nothing is important but to save virginity till marriage is their best achievmnt, I Am sorry for this mind setup,

Marvel n sports Talk

Where are core

Giana Kreeger

Team necklace


Messi and suarez

Danny Reed

Damn you are awesome


you guys r great*->*

Seifer=Treize from Gundam Wing

Bradley Stevens

Part 2 with Ben Bishop??


The helicopter was not worthy.


He survived since he watched on how to survive a parachute failure.


You were always serious in your videos. Then you put a slightly faded picture of Gaben when there is a box with the number 3 on it XD

jason klaymoore

Coby and cory

Ahmad Ward

You can make the video better if you put music too

Megami Noir

What if they aren’t android or iOS? What color are they

The Unknown

i friggin dislike this girl

Daniel De Sousa

7:32 thats a pteranodon

I'm already tracer what about widowmaker

The first pictures of the pink hair person looks like zarya

Dimitry's Place

Did you see that thing in 5:55 ? :D

Jhoan Martinez

I entertain myself watching the videos of dude perfect


Who else got a Nike Ad before the vid


Jukaj from experience

kid_ pizza

Absolutely awesome!


Do more of these kinds of videos

SSSparkle Wolf

Go trans and be happy


Ready Player Two ????????

Austin Tim

Lady gaga please

Chris Games

The boomstick is the best trick shot in DP history

toni stranjik

Amazing Just amazing


why did the start of it sound like black ops 3 loading screen


My life is over


that last easter that from this MV from World Order?

Potato2840 Ali

I have a whole Choclate bag beside me

amanda porkka

The start WHAT um what happend and this is just mind blone

Roxy Lee

Long time no see 🤗

Anthony Sterling

Why u gays never miss

kenzukicool gamer

You're a Pinoy so be proud of yourself.


Folks need heroes, 343. Why not give them hope?


this is dude perfect

Roland Schlösser

Rachel! <3 Leah! <3

Stephen Britter

The dude holding the camera at 3:20 maybe is the Panda.. MAYBE I’M RIGHT... or u know about this already.... 😔

Alex 9879

look up dude perfect backyard edition

Pixie Edits

Anime food always looks good

Brandon M

It is very discouraging to see these huge lake houses, overkill headquarters that cost somebody a lot of money.I get it.You donate a lot.But i promise this isn't how Jesus would live if he were in your shoes

Filip Bero

Someone 2019

Sam Bennett

@EricTheReaper no it isnt jackass

Radda Radda



How goes it, neat video you possess here.

Ella Stewart



Well Bethesda sucked I’m sorry

IskanDAR ReGaRskIY

Не ужели я один среди 82 миллионов)??

Jacky Lin

nawww mw2 was the last cod ever to be good. mw3 is just a fucking huge expansion pack of mw2 pretty much....

Zachary Mohammadi Or Quarry

So that black bird just uses fly?

Nathan Lewis

Don’t miss where panda 🐼

Николай Жихарев

175 млн. просмотров??? Вот этой херни??? Это реально или все накручено?

I’m proud