Flash Mob Mamma Mia Dupont Circle

The DC Cowboys joined the Bowen McCauley Dance Company and Dance Metro/DC to produce this flash mob dance to ABBA's Mamma Mia in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC. This dance experience was part of the "Dance is the Answer" campaign. Visit the websites below for more info.


Jesus, this breaks my heart.

Rayen Rayen

Actually one word "deep" ❤

Faded Appo

Well hello there

Tbolt Minecraft

Omgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!! Iiiitiiititititittititittitiro😲😲😲😲


Favorite DP video ever! - "Release the doves!" hahaha


The black one duplicity love you video could you please give me a shout out My favorite ordering your videos is Kai

Jocelyn Velazquez

this is my favorite thing ever 😂


people going on about the eyes being a flaw

Imal Galappaththi

When your about to hit someone with a bat but you realize your drunk 4:18

Loki Of Asgard

ikr xD


한국자막도 넣주세열

white chocolate

Now this is EPIC


Lol ur funny

Jack 2winx



i'm more interested to know how many tries it to took to make that shot. awesome.

uma maheswari

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Roman Cacean

Есть же время у ребят, у меня блин нет времени остановиться и пёрнуть бля!!!

Scary dude: with a girly voice NO NO i just have a peace of a window in my mouth... 5:19 Portlandia

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