TURN ON CLOSE CAPTION (CC) ABOVE FOR ENGLISH AND KOREAN SUBTITLE.This is the Birthday Culture in the Philippines, A lot of surprises. It'sopposite in South Korea now a days. I made a surprise Birthday party for my husband. Since he just came back from his night shift, We decided to celebrate at home for only the two of us. #happybirthday #생일 #이벤트 #깜짝파티I was thinking about this surprise since I was in the Philippines that was a month ago and I have made it for real.The party popper didn't pop in my hand. haha it was quite difficult but my husband reaction was as I expected, Successful as well as the decorations and the magic candle was very hilarious.This is the link to my message video with english and korean translation:hope you enjoyed the video.THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!!!FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES CONTACT:geligynaddeih@gmail.comDON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW ME ON:YOU WANT TO SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL:YOU!!!


44 threw 1:02 there are only 4 people



Don Evans

I just now voted

Wizard of LoL

anyone in 2k18 they sholud do that agin

Jalen On Switch

Fortnite season 6: 1:01

sampea CAML

Yay for lighthearted MinuteVideos!

Inaya mulla

Elon Musk

Communist Takeover Of America

Anxiety is something we all have. It's your body telling you to change it up. I get anxiety and depression quite often and it realized it's because my mind is telling me to get up and make a change. You can do it without pills. It's a decision to be depressed. It's easier to wake up in the morning and wear a frown. It's harder to smile when you feel like the world is against you. These are pitfalls of the mind we need to learn to tame ourselves and not depend on a doctor to hand us a bottle of pills to make it better. You arent fixing the problem, you're only suppressing it. Make the choice to be happy.

still me

But... she downloads tinder and had a "FAKE" profile... and she is not even that person on the profile picture, so who says on tinder that she is sexy..

cal riec

0:37 So, the Luteces have been to Rapture? Hardly surprising, but still cool.

Mac Baseball


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It is DLC. DLC- Downloadable Content


I hope Cory wihs

Janqwon Wright

teen nija tutltue

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Go shopping

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Good vid

Salvi Lopez Lopez


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to be

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This is the wholesome Marbles content I signed up for


Airsoft edition anyone

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I'm crying


Comparing Kawhi to Kd smfh ppl is crazy they get to the finals after 1000000000 years now this dude the best in the world gtfoh and if the refs pay attention to Kawhi on offense and not holding his nuts he would get fouled out every time he comes in like he running a football play hes slick as shit with using them elbows knees and his damn head if I'm the only person that sees this every game even sense San Antonio then u ppl must be blind as shit and dont compare this dude to Kd that's disrespectful.

kirat sidhu

what the fu$$# how is this possible


i thought panda doing a wheelie was the best! :)

Tigger Ann

I always find something and I wanna buy it but yeah depending on what it is I'd feel guilty for buying it because I don't need it and i could use it for something I needed.

Cathy THE Crazy


Gucci gang,Gucci gang,Gucci gang.

Eli Cccggg

At this hour


This was really hard to watch...there was way to much bullying I’m just happy that she’s still alive after all this


Being amazing in highest form :D

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I'm a simple man


That RYSE SON of  ROME ester egg was pretty cool 

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4:41 boy what are thos feet

akbar tutorial

The winner is cory

Sarah McEwen

Missing an arcade

iHieu 99

When she said I thought she meant. Brent

Ryan callahan


anne lockets

the very first original bond movie was a silly pervert movie where bond plays as a pedophile

Diamond yt

"no, i am not okay."

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She looked hot in the animation


Yah, you ain’t seen yo boyfriend for three months but you expect him not to cheat. Lol.