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The Williams Family teaching Chapkis Dance Summer IntensivePlease don't forget to subscribe @ChapkisDanceUSA and @TheWilliamsFamSong: Dopebwoy - Cartier ft. Chivv & 3robiwww.chapkisdance.comChapkis Dance host Master Class Every Monday @ 8p309 Main St. Suisun City, instagram: @ChapkisDance **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC - ONLY USED FOR CHOREOGRAPHY PURPOSES.***

hahaha no

what is an introvert?

Caylo Figura

Do a badminton trickshot

Nicholas III of Russia

Tyler always wins.... Why do I watch these videos anymore?????

7. Liam Neeson isn't killing anyone in this scene. ding

Sameer Chaudhary

Did I tricked you

Gaxcha Meh

I have a story here it is: Hi my name is Paloma and this is my story When I was in elementary I had one of my best friend's was in a different class later that year she got a boyfriend he was in my class but the thing was he would be mean to me and my new best friend Madi my friend would call me a liar because she thought I was lying that he was being rude I was heartbroken when I found out I remember one day me and Madi walking outside during recess and then what I thought as a replacement friend for my friend that betrayed me I thought she replaced me with her so one day she was with her but all of the sudden I felt something like me 'OW' it was a stick she was throwing sticks at us and laughing some while after that her boyfriend broke up with her I was surprised how she pretended nothing happened and what really made me mad and sad was that she didn't give me a sorry and I remember one day I lost my bestfriend Madi outside because I went early and when I found her my basically so called "friend" was pushing her on a swing at that exact moment I thought she was trying to take my best friend from me so I told Madi 'Let's go Madi" we both thought that was really odd soon she got back with her boyfriend and this time she broke up with him when she found and me and Madi weren't lying she still didn't say sorry but we became friends again.I am now in middle school and happy.if this ever happens remember there are other friends that will support you no matter what so I want to thanks Madi who I call Blondie and after all she is still me best friend

Reed Fess


Philipp Schauerhuber


David Diaz

Ugandan knuckles

Diane Cipriano

Ww (7//. B. B(jkhgfdhss qwa

Alexandro Stylianou


Alex Hill


my name is butt face

l cried when her mom passed out for real RIP it’s not you’re fault when l was young l was dumb too l didn’t know how to use a toilet that time when l was 5 but now lm 12 buy my grandpa (Japan) and my America grandpa grandma died too l. Cried when that happened you’re mom will always be with you even if she passed away she will be on you’re side.

Danielle Daphne

I do have both i know that in myself.. sometimes i just want to go back to the times i was still young and have not to worry of anything.. but since when i started being independent and be the soul provider oftentmes i feel so restless and suffering from hyperventilation. I wanted to get out from all of these and see myself to be happy just for once without any worries of what might happen in the future.

alpa Shah

who is fox

Nhuan Lai

Him: I don't have enough courage to talk about my disorder


Tyler fck tryhard

Spread LoVe

People like NF, Joyner Lucas, Logic should get the fame they deserve. Mumbles like Lil Yachty, Cardi B, City Girls, Lil Pump, Playboi Carti shouldn't be heard. Their music must be buried

Erlin Diaz

I like Easter eggs

Keisha Wells

Team necklace.

Justin McNelly

Seriously though I'm curious to know how many tries it takes them to hit any of these shots

James Crane

I just want to see Ganon wear Majoras mask and have that be the villain

Wally’s World

1 like = 1 prayer for panda

Joel Sampson

lol for Coby

Mario Guardado

Trick shot forever


That’s me,

Leo Demidov

Fallout 3 was made before skyrim, raven rock was made firss, so bethesda added it to solstheim hoping no ione had played fallout 3 to notice the two similarities

Elizabeth Mcmeans

I feel like Emma’s gotten really small

Sweet Kid


Edem Kwame

Wow such an amazing energy and song.

Abdullah Kadri

Now I want Gatorade!

Cat Commander Cactus

The Wall-E reference was really cute, it made me smile :3

Waddah Mishah

my mother also had a dead child like you and he was older than me by 2 years he died in her belly and i really wanted to see him

DAZE_ Souless

Poor panda i feel sad for him:(

Docia Bain

Can you do day Prescott on the Dallas cowboys please

F- failure

Lily Canning

I’m the opposite I’m a girl and I like boys stuff.....

Yanny Zanchez





Video with jump scares that aren't scary. Thanks to Guru's awesome voice and content creating skills!

Richie Games

ZPOGO Is comeing to my school

let's quit pretending people's irrational hatred of types of people, be it religious, cultural, or just personal, are deserving of any sort of discussion that would lead to finding a "middle ground". my rights are not yours to "compromise" or to use as a tool to flex your debating skills or moral or eligious high horse.

PVZ Raphael

I like it when they come with the names and the flips

Collin Trevor

How do they do that

Jonathan H.

LeBron James

Dasia Hill


Jihan Fathinuriza Zain

Honestly, I do like it, Lele! ❤❤❤

Acap As

Like and subcribe my you tube


no one died in the production of this video.


that Up music still is fucking sad tho