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Best of P-Square: here: as the saying goes "A setback is a setup for a grand comeback", this certainly applies to the multi award-winning singing duo that is PSquare as they drop their latest music video "Bank Alert". The video has cameo appearances of the legendary Onyeka Onwenu, Mr Ibu, Phyno and a host of other artistes.Directed by Clarence Peters and Jude Okoye for Square Records.Enjoy...Buy "Bank Alert" on iTunes: by #BankAlert #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialVideo

Orlando Gallegos

I tried to add you on ps4 Xbox one and all uder consols

Sandro Glonti


sourabh sharma


Herman Miller

High to low to high

CH Network

Rage monster: destroys mans life savingsAlso rage monster: doesn’t destroy Jesus setup🤨

Psychic Frenzy

What exactly did he mean by, "unused" ?

rxiniedxys _.

I feel very bad for her for losing her mom but I feel super bad for the dad because his last interaction with his wife was arguing before she died

Victoria ????

... greyson thought he was so bad spending 987.00 i was like 😭😭

The Atif

FiRst DudE PerFecT BuDGEt VidEO


7:25 in the upper left corner...

Daily Sunshine

This made me cry

Jung Kookie

I disnt show for a week last month .... because I’m lazy 😏😏😏🤙🤙🤙 chilling at home 😂

Ian Donnellan

i want a tee shirt


What about small basketball trick Shots?

Roland Cabral

Origin story of Elsa’s power? Call me interested!

Ivory Williams

The best episode HANDS DOWN. Halle was so CHILL. LOVED IT

Bossdash 77

Meat is good for you but in it becomes unhealthy if you eat too much of it

I crave for yuri

me explaining to my friends why i like threesomes



Irshad Ansari

ha like the eggo waffle reference at the end! great vid

Zack Thomas

After 4 years I have decided to take the $5 dollars

adem Saadi


Σωτηροπουλου Αλεξανδρα

Looks like amazing🤩🤩

Nonjabulo Macu

Her: I got 88%, though it's not the best mark.

Tanner Eisenbarth

That was eggly, don’t get? Eggsactly I can’t even eggxlain it. (Make ty laugh)

Jared Morrow




mike turner

@blackmen1223 u are a fake :!"""

jake mitchell

So we givin Pokémon pym particles now?

R 4

Uhhh what??

jerick regala

this is nothin compared to the shit they do now. but still dope

CapTaIn Weirdness

I want to be a billionaire also

Eric Ackerman

When and why did Tanner turn into a e-boy

Kalyanavata Sundhararajan


LyricVEVO Production

Okay be out here


dude you guys are insanly awesome...i want your autograph!!!!!!!

Say say don't give up

Noah Forbes

2019 march

game king