Warren Zevon - Full Concert - 10/01/82 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL) - YouTube

Warren Zevon - Full ConcertRecorded Live: 10/1/1982 - Capitol Theatre (Passaic, NJ)More Warren Zevon at Music Vault: to Music Vault: - MTV Presents Introduction0:00:12 - Introduction0:00:43 - Johnny Strikes Up The Band0:03:29 - The Overdraft0:06:03 - Stage Banter0:06:29 - A Certain Girl0:09:11 - Stage Banter0:09:41 - Jeannie Needs A Shooter0:13:44 - Band Introduction0:15:25 - Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner0:19:50 - Stage Banter0:20:21 - The Envoy0:24:00 - Simple Man, Simple Dream0:26:30 - Banter0:27:00 - Charlie's Medicine0:38:36 - Applause0:39:18 - Accidentally Like A Martyr0:43:32 - Poor Poor Pitiful Me0:48:26 - Excitable Boy0:52:06 - Stage Banter0:53:00 - Ain't That Pretty At All0:58:33 - Encore Applause0:59:59 - Werewolves Of London1:06:19 - credits

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What type of trauma did he go through? You must have went through some trauma to have dissociative identity disorder.

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thank you for nostalgia trip guru, you made me torrent frozen throne again :)

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Anyone who disliked this video should know that these people put their hierts into doing this. It's Christmas,and I'm praying for all these kids.

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I feel so bad for you,i wish that somehow the world will find a cure:(

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