Lil Durk - Dirty Diana (Feat. YFN Lucci) [Only The Family Vol.1]

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Glock up on my hip and this bitch got thirty shells

John Liu

As much I appreciate these videos, does anyone here cringe?

Super Mario Plush Bros S.M.P.B

Every power Ranger ever PLZ


111? That’s nothing come to Australia

Dustin D

Get your iPad and charge it with your charger put your finger in the middle of outlet and the charger it will do a tiny shock.

Matt J Depression

What's up Bro

Hidden Matrix

cap be like "I can do this all da..."

Dan Gabbay



you sure??


I missed you

Mamadou Diasse


Len Dog

snowboarding is best

Channeling Astor


Timea Robertson

whos panda

JayGotDatDrip_22 Stevenson

Part 2 then 3 then 4 and so on

Ospinz FTW

My favourite game

Kert Vang

The donut was stupid lol

Dr. Diamond




I’m the last minute shopper for sure, lol

tra sco

You gotta use 12% peroxide.. you get it at a salon 3% peroxide does exactly the failure you did


Where's my hat lol how voice

ahm o

I found out it was checkers right away


Kid, what's your favorite movie?

Captain Virtu

Comes from Germany


I had a sezure


Why does it feel like Christmas everytime he uploads?

Silas Berkenveld

Thougt this was going to be a battle about who can edit videos better


make a video while your skiing

Марија Башеска

Interesting video! ^_^ Could you do a video on fat, whether it's good or bad for you, or maybe touch upon the Ketogenic diet?

Bikes with Ben

Did anyone notice that Cody hit coby in the face at 10:40


the pj samwich vids

Boys are stronger than girls that's 100% fake well that's not true but is true with strength true but girls are less likely to get sick wait is it true or not true this is like the boys maturing faster than girls this and yes it's true but not true boys mature faster mentally and girls mature with features

Marina Lyndon

Anyone noticed that they traced Disney princess, Mulan, rapunsal urgh

Arya Prasad

high to lowwhat is it

- ... Give me one