Alan Watts ~ Are You Tired Of Playing The Social Game? - YouTube

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Joe Buzz

3:34 theres literally a janitor sweeping in the background

Guigus 2

Look sold photos

Stratton Watkins

Coby celebrates too much for how much he loses

Brandon Leitch

have you tried the multiplayer on bio 2 ?

Ernestine Balos

I’m excited too🥰🙌

GDWeirdo [GD]

5:16, I was like, “That Just broke physics.”

Tactical Turtle

Can you fist me?

Henry Manglinong



Idk why is everyone acting like he's literally 80. Chihuahuas COULD live up to 20 years? 😂 I hate this attitude like oh he's gonna go anytime. We're all dying slowly 😂


@NickStoneX You have to go back to Prerelease 4 and spawn one, then go back to Prerelease 5. You will just have to reinstall, it wont delete anything.


Its called "Wiener" and not Weiner :D

federica rocha


Shennei Scott

She dated

Ja'Len Battle

The signature and the longest ally oop was the best

A rainbow fishy

first one one is cool



Riti Aggarwal



Where the hell is SPLINTERCELL!?!?!?!?! and if you do make one dont abandon the multiplayer after 1 gun dlc like you did blacklist

*Tanner puts some shorts ON his JEANS*



advit g at worst

We should call that bball arrow ballseye

Alicia Brice

This is nothing like 9/11 people this pilot accidentally crashed into the building as to where when 9/11 happened the people flying the plane crashed into the world trade center on purpose so this is nothing like 9/11 I'm sorry

Gaming Fever

Real madrid ronaldo and dude perfect coby

Mateo Jimenez

I was born the year before 2009 I was born in 2008

David Kim

Why would Jeff Bezos go here. And not just like host a huge press conference?

Second time commenting this:I think I’ve seen this somewhere else

Lomo 2000

who is lullaby for a dead man by?


I think it is a mod?

Devin Morris

60 yard

Older Brother vs FBI.