Never Grow Up | Matt Simons - Catch & Release (Deepend Remix) | #CatchReleaseDanceOn

Release your inner child and return to the world of pure imagination! What do you miss most about childhood? Let us know in the comments below!Directed & Edited by David Javier►► to DanceOn!►► people grow older, they often sacrifice their imagination in exchange for paychecks or simply lose it to their responsibilities. Wouldn’t it be great to let it all go and get back to the consequence-free world of fun that children live in? With this video, you can do just that. Q: What is this? A: The Dance Video is the New Music Video. ARTIST REQUEST merges music artists with industry leading choreographers and dancers to create videos that captivate the new generation of music fans. Q: That kid dances better than I do! Who is he? Thaddeus Mixson is a pint sized Jack of all trades. From TV appearances on “The Voice” and “The Grind,” to music video cameos for Nick Cannon and Elijah Blake, to performing along-side big names like Will Smith, it doesn’t look like this 8-year-old has any plan to slow down. Thaddeus recently got to share the stage with Steve Harvey on NBC’s newest hit show “Little Big Shots." Ivan "Flipz" Velez, choreographed and plays Thaddeus' older self in the video and is his entertainment mentor on the show and in real life! We hope for everyone’s sake, especially Steve’s, that no one forgets Thaddeus' name because this entertainer/actor/dancer’s star is quickly on the rise!Q: Who made the sweet sweet music? A: Without traditional backing, Matt Simons has already been heard around the globe. No, seriously! After being noticed from a Facebook ad he created for his independent album “Pieces,” the song “With You” received a high-profile placement on one of the biggest Dutch soap operas in 2013. But Matt’s talent is really no surprise since music’s a family tradition. Matt’s dad shared a love for The Beatles and other classics with him early on, while his grandparents were both professional opera singers. Matt also played saxophone his whole life, and even got a degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance at The Purchase College Conservatory.Q: What’s the song about?This single, “’Catch & Release’ is about the common shared struggle of the grind and how everyone’s got their own way of dealing with it,” he explains. “Some people will go for a run, or others will have a drink, etc. It’s whatever your way of releasing all the tension you build over the course of any given day. We wanted to do something different with the remix. The dance community seems hungry for songs with a deeper meaning. It felt really natural.” Love social media? Do us a solid and follow us and our friends!-CONNECT WITH THE ARTISTS-Director/Editor - David Javier - @davidgjavierDancer - Thaddeus Mixson - @papajayshowFeaturing - Ivan “Flipz”Velez - @ivanflipzvelezMusic - Matt Simons - @MattSimons-FOLLOW MATT SIMONS-Buy on iTunes!on Spotify: on Facebook: on Instagram: on Twitter: DANCEON-YouTube: DID THIS?-Music: Catch & Release by Matt SimonsDirected and Edited by: David JavierDancer: Thaddeus MixsonFeaturing: Ivan “Flipz” VelezChoreographer: Ivan “Flipz” VelezProducer: Beba RodriguezProduction Manager: Shaena NalaniAC: Tom MeredithGaffer: Robin BanandoGrip: Per RobinProduction Designer: Justin McClainArt Director: Jake SolanoSet Dresser: Bill PetersonProduction Coordinator: Rachel ErmatingerPA: Ashley GeloVP, Programming: Carly CaseyVP, Production: Shannon OwenMusic Partnerships: Erica Forster, Jason CienkusIf you wanna be all official about it: For DanceOn music partnership inquiries: music@danceon.comFor DanceOn talent partnership inquiries: For press inquiries, we’d love to chat!:

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