Nipsey Hussle - Double Up (slowed reverb)



Cool O_O


Army Blink


Austin Life

2019 anyone

Shadow of the day

Disgusting is say nothing. You can never gain her trust back. You felt good just because you know you are nothing. Having the point of view of the bully too is not useful, it only their ignorance and stupidity.

countedjoey888_t Channel

Hyrule is going back to the skies.

Taylor Tomich

yea were garret

Aka ._. Ivy

Plot twist: Thanos snapped his fingers

Smooth Operator

Where's the video of him dancing & getting his boogie on before the game. That calf muscle oh wait- achilles seemed fine then...🤔

Alexander Leahy

Who's watching in 2017

Batak Medan

Wkwk 03:46


I have insomnia (I NEVER fall asleep) in summer I normally stay up to 6-10 am and sleep off and on all day it sucks I do worst in school as well I eat sorta healthy and know when I don’t need some thing I still do good in school but I’m getting stressed more which means my parents have to spend more money on gum to calm me down it’s currently almost twelve am and I’m still not tire I also had back surgery because I had telepathic scoliosis which means I need to take a bath every night to relax my muscles if your dealing with any of this I FEEL YOUR PAIN

Mahesh Vallampati

Did some guy beat Ty's Lego walk???????????¿?????¿¿


Mntp njir

Tavian Waites


Eunice Rodrigues

0:02 o my God.... I heard this tune in my dream some days ago and I was frightened

FInal foxy Gamer

I wish I was her to tell ppl I'm savage back off I ain't the ugly one I am the unusual one you ain't the pretty one you are the too much make up one teh (that wasn't a roast) (OK yeah I know it sucks...)

Tom Shih

Um... Swimming?..


Hey Guru, I have an easter egg if you haven't done a video on it yet. In Fallout 4 in the Far Harbor DLC there is a bowling alley. In the ally there is a terminal with a list of bowling teams. One of which is the holy rollers a reference to the simpsons. If have done a video on it I'm sorry for giving you something you already knew.

Turtle Guy

I am going there in 2 weeks and I am sooooooo exited plus my entire class is going but I dont remember a arcade machine