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Fisher 33

Metro 2033 also has a Half Life reference. At the beginning of trolley combat, there is a door you can go through. Inside, there is a skeleton gripping a crow bar with a pair of glasses laying next to it. Even though Gordan Freeman's a badass, he apparently couldn't survive the Moscow metro tunnels. Go Artyom

I don’t know, I just think that this message could’ve been spread in a better way, such as a video about a republican feeling left out in a democratic majority area. And idk man, I just really didn’t feel like coming onto this mainly amazing channel to see a video that reminds me (not the message, it just brought up bad memories) that I am not able to be married through my religion, I will have to become more physically fit just to protect myself, and much more. Ya no puede caminar


Pop out forever ft lil tecca and Chris brown

. I don't care what none of y'all say, I still love her

Cayden Blues

Unless you’re in an open-ended relationship

Tom Brosolo

Top 100 modern game glitches?

Theodore Devoe

A kid at my school has muscular distrophy

Krystal Lemons

team Coby all the way

Honey Bee

You can’t get more pretty when ur already beautiful

shadowtrooper 262

the director cameo for rouge one is very fresh to me.

Nicolas Silva

i fucking hate fallout 4 and 76, but i'd totally watch both gameplays with those guys


3:45 that the punisher? (Don’t know the actors name)

Philip Pines

Guru? Canyou list the films on the video? Thank you.

Jacob Streeter


Ethan: spending double that Amount and laughing abt it

G - e - G

You are happy with your work prince???


This shouldnt be trending

Lukewarm 0177

Does anyone notice that it was 9:37


no one will no on has

Mandy Goyack

i’ve had anxiety my entire life. it sucks.. but i try hard to get through it :))

Sfd Visuals

Here for Allen skatepark

SCP The nine tailed fox

two more days till my birthday .-.

Jennifer Morrison

2018i have not seen his name in houstontexans

bonnieyoung _2009

Shame on all the people who disliked this


When I watch this there just seems to be something so pure and untouchable about bts (and here specifically jk) ... I hope no one ever takes their happiness and spark away 8u8


why does he have a gun

Megan Randall

I love you guysgarrett's rocket was so awesome



Drake Redwolf

I get depressed alot something, but this really helped me thank you for making this video.

Scott Hofer

Team Garret YEA!!!😜

Taggart Heward

What is that circular thing the drive around


Some of These are literally bullshit.

Perfect I have no pictures of him and he died two days before my birthday

Dumb Neptune Bacon

Cory looks like Murr in Impractical Jokers. Lol

Shorty Payne

As a QB, this video makes me very happy.. :D (zero Fs given if it took a few tries)

thank you for your update :D


Great video on such an important issue.

JoshNavy 9900

They should totally do an Ovechkin hockey trick shots!