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George Godin

Who can dislike this thank you dude perfect


This is so old


its from matrix...the line

Hey That’s Ann

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Chase Bailey

It is the low to high


Man breaks in*

GamingFusion !!!

I subbed your video :)

Rainy ThaDragon

If there is a fairy in my heart it's long gone, you know how many pencils I've taken?

Asia Miah

Whaaaasaaaa j.k Rowling

William Guise Wismann

pure pure luck

Isla U

This girl should be on Ellen degeres

pinpoint bee

Wher's pogo pete

Anthony Mendoza

When ty has no facial hair

And we been through the rain

Richard Tyler Blevins

Hey Fortnite!

Gabe Gustin

1:29 who just buys one banana

brent phillips

noah used to my friend for have of kindergarten then my brother convinced he to bully me for 3 years he apologised but I stell hate he

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Never would have watched this without Drew

Meg Webb

You should do Anthony Davis

4th Garrett

Matt F


No No

it says my top 15

Patrick star

"life finds a way"

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My respect for Halle Berry skyrocketed during this.

The New King


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Yoooooo!!! This might be my new favorite video on YouTube! I've personally experienced EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of these stereotypes at my local fishing spots.You sir have earned yourself a subscriber.

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What a pansy! Can’t take some old guy pushing him off his wife?! Suck it up buttercup! 🤦‍♂️


2:08 slow motion and you will realize that the ball is propelled without even touching it ahahahahah FAKEEEEEE AF

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This video just explained the state of mind of phychopaths and not what makes them phychopathic...

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all of these comments below are with trash players. Do it with Antonio Brown or Todd Gurley


I love you. Good luck.