Bobby Marks: AD won't need to waive his $4M trade bonus, If LAL are acting like a team over the cap - YouTube

Bobby Marks: AD won't need to waive his $4M trade bonus, If LAL are acting like a team over the cap


Oh yes I finally found the right video about democracy because we learning about it at school

Clash Game

Magyarul tudtok?

Maria Buck-Ciske

Omg love this I wish I could get it i keep having to go to hospital so no new makeup for me mom of a one month old been a rough month for sure lots of surgerys


It would have been much funnier if the cakes triggered the song and the overlayed kid eating cake

I’m only eleven now my parents always treated me like that when I was 3 to 10 dEPUCX9N_UX1NGa8Yndu4qhzz3R4H_Y98Qx1DN7vRQYYj892_vNLSW7H4a11


I don’t understand what happened between the girl and her boyfriend. He was obviously cheating on her in ep 1 but she didn’t know that so why did they have a fight when she got back to the apartment and why did the boyfriend say he will take all responsibility?

Heather Hicks


Meknomi Chan

Oof hope you're getting better

Tommy Orbich

Can you do a video game thingPlease

Jixie Dye

Sirius - 'hogwarts isn't safe anymore...'

Eddie Garza

come to chicago


So much money + so much free time = Dude perfect

Ivana Spasojevic

Next Juventus or Liverpool

Muneeb Khan


հokцƽ ρokus

I love ballastics <3

Kaseem Quiyum

you ruined by saying fortnite on god

Legal Pumpkin

Ok so you have to turn your bully into a troll?

Dax Lehrbass

Pause at 2:56

Nidhi Tyagi

Novak djokovic

Nicklas Dyhr Jespersen

isnt this a regular day for everyone?

Best Sniper

Teen necklace

Dave Jung

So are you now the "Bro-sister squad" or "twin squad" or what squad are you now

Dakota Aguiar

1:52 what she did to the phone lol

Eva Lowe

That was depressing to watch

proceeds to draw gohan :v


I thought therapists were supposed to make people better, not worse. The world is pretty fudged up.

ghazal m.b

Omg wowwwwwwwww ❤️

Ezra van den Boogert

1:50 Mario song

Dylan Eubanks

I don't know witch one is witch but the twin with the mustache aged better

Umesh Mishra

Why don't you guys try new game that is more famous in other side the world...I.e Asia Australia newzealand n some countries of Europe...that is CRICKET


The tea sisters 1 The tea

Is it available today June 10


Love you guys

Gwyneline A.R.



A whole year after this video went up, I come back and find you kept Khaled alive. Amazing.


Mario theme song

divit Jain

Hi I am divit

Keith Groves

U are so brave well done and your family your family are so beautiful I was crying at the end well done

Made it out the hood, I still pop out on some gang shit

Changer Danger

my names jeff

Aaliyah Hunt

Damn you shouldn't have done that in the first place!!!!