Odell Beckham Jr "Too many years" |highlights|

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Russel Wilson was probably so mad about SuperBowl 49


Editing 100/10 :)

Lord Tachanka


Mateusz Szwiec

Coby i beilive that Coby will win a battle eventually

Wyatt Ford

My grandpa died last year because he stopped taking antibiotics

Death is inevitable. So just live and be grateful for being around and close ones caring for you

Raymart Napalang

2:19 why the cue ball slows down when its about to hit the hole? 🤔🤔

Yamer _:3

Taylor ... Ukraine ? 🇺🇦(00 : 00 - 3 : 13)

Kpop Trash

... okay I was going to say that he doesn't deserve her....


In the music I always hear: "I'm stormin' on the corndog."


You kan find a sword called Oathkeeper in Dragon Age: Origins.


dude, I just noticed your voice kind of reminds me of murdoc from gorillaz, btw keep making these videos just The way you always do; awesomely!

Laura Adriance

Those 3d models were cool

Teyfik Mert

the mushroom reference to far cry 3 I guess

Lacey Miceli

michal thomas


Só eu de Br aqui?

African mom's:no stay here

Demetrius Reed

And when KD 💩’s on Kahwi will you resign? So we won’t have to listen to your dumb ass!

jimin u and i got no jams

Next title:


He basically did a shit version of Andy sambergs grammy opening

Sabrina Bridge

The first experiment (rat in empty cage) was actually conducted in the 1930s, not the 1970s.


not sure if intended joke but gun ammo is 69 at 6:32

Brianda herlinda Berumen Rodríguez

Like ing 2018

Amity 6 Productions


ooooooh~ Bang! Bang!

Alyssa Smith

21 bounces or 20 tip: turn the speed to 0.25 to get a better chance

Dylan Clampit

Yeyyyy another saints fan

Truth Dante

The guy that never replaces his divot, The guy that hits his ball, takes off and doesn't wait for his playing partners, The guy that hits a wayward ball and doesn't shout 'fore', The guy that hit his ball 3 feet from the hole and just picks it up, assuming the birdie. :)

Jorshyplayz 096

This is one of the best videos if ever seen

Skuller Firex

I’m mr no touchie

Malaika Lakhani

but what if one don't want to consult a counselor or psychiatrist?


You just don't sound like an edgy teen

Alex Mart

Slam dunk video does full court shots


Your videos are such good quality man, big ups


Your not mean I would have done the same thing. Cheaters should never be forgiven. Dump him and find someone who will treat you like a queen and only you. If your husband wanted multiple women he should have never got married. It’s good your letting him see his daughter though I don’t believe in keeping a child away from parents because the fight between you and you ex not the child.

"I know what's going on here you are an influencer"

Rick Beat

Wich mortal kombat is the easter egg number 4?

Libby Reyes

I’m tired of ty winning all the time

john kozlouski

How many takes do they do

Matthew Godfrey

Bro, how much did this cost you in ammo?

Lil Neet

I waited 35 years for that. I'm not ready.

eXo Fied

I remember when smosh did a anime episode it was hailarious


I love him so much 🤣

Doanh Pham

Do u live in Cypress

I pretty much agree with him, his videos are alot more enjoyable without commentary (not that there's anything wrong with his voice), and I've gotten used to reading the text. It let's me hear the ambience of the game.

Prachi Katkade

Plz reveal panda plzPlz

Joey M

@261096jk shut up, your mini hoop shit sucked

Ali Siddiqui