Official Ottawa Greek Festival (GreekFest) Flash Mob

The Ottawa Greek Community put on a Greek dance flash mob in the Byward market to promote the 2011 Ottawa Greek Festival.The weather held out and we all had a good time!Remember to Live a Day the Greek Way!

jared sprague

Best video

Tyson Versteeg

i guest 2 of them before Cory

That1 Guy

what about the guy that never shoots and only takes it down and passescuz im himand the pants guy

Carson Jimenez

you are the coolest youtubers ever

Alexander Sheriff

Lmao is the whole movie about her trying to get over a wave?

pro gejmer

Videli ste to od stubera

Also, I’m watching this video... and it’s very relatable. I can pinpoint a lot of that in my own life... ow, maybe that’s why I’m the way I am?

Đhouha Dougjfkfkfkfk

He was almost 100

Niana's Crush



7:43 imagine the light bill


2020 anyone


Can you put me in a shootout please

Latvia Ball

Oh god i feel you so much and watcing this video was a pain for me


Geez... Where do you guys find this God awful music?

Joseph Castillo

We want more music easter eggs.

I have OCD. But this is not OCD this is germaphobia

Tasfiq Raihan

good job as always guru. also can you make another horror easter eggs video? if possible. thx

Qamar Banu



I have been on the us midway!


Nanny McPhee VS Mary Poppins

but Lowry didn’t take the bait and be suspended. NBA should recognize what Lowry did at that moment.

Me:is she high?!?

Aaron McDaniel

Why does tye carry around 1400$ in cash in his wallet

Borna Gamer

gta 5 wins

Anyone who is seeing this your bad time will pass soon!!!!! Love you all!!!! Stay blessed

Pirate 27

C’est une compétition de super crosse avec un vrai pilote de super crosse


I thought they would have passed on this video idea lol


When garret had hair amazing

Ali Fiero

Umm actually, the original game boy wasn’t in color 🤓

James Breslin

I feel that I need someone to call me by phone all the time


i LOVE this video! the music goes perfect with it, and the shots are amazing.


At least you have friends

one tome plz

Me and my friend got a 4K and we on ps wich means it look good af my other friend has an Xbox and he like this look good no it shit then he got a ps and he like bro this look like a 100 times better than Xbox and this is on a 720p screen I can’t wait till I get a 4K he has not seen a 4K tv he seen the 4K monitor my friend got on his ps but he has not seen anything except slime rancher so he ain’t really seen 4K I can’t wait form him to get a 4K

Gaming with luke

I know right

Ha Ha

Neymar jr.

Riley Killion

As a young child dale was my favorite my grandpa shook his hand so sad he stop going to the big races


@Juventi1995 Nothing wrong, you can see the ball for a frame after it bounces, and the guy looks perfectly fine.


The. Website. Called. Her. Ugly. No. WAY.

Ross Macdonald