Oj Da Juiceman "Cop A Chicken" (Unreleased) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) - YouTube

Unreleased visual from Oj Da Juiceman. Directed by Jordan Tower Films.SUBSCRIBE to the Official WorldStarHipHop Channel for more original WorldStar material, music video premieres, and more: WorldStarHipHop: (Follow)(Like)(Photos)(Shop)

Neiley-Joy Forkah-Musoro

I am 2 minutes and 26 seconds into the video, and I'm just wondering. . .


100 likes? more like 32000

Colin Chan

make a video abt Lee Chong Wei!!! Badminton rules.


Claptrap for President

Cohen Clark

Did you guys see ty where the Maverick merch

Madeline Tredway

why isn't she mad at her dad. like, the way she phrases it it's like this stuff just "happened" to, no, he killed another human being what the hell

Nine year old Army

Wait Rudy and the “Girl” were robots... woah


It's not that psychopaths don't feel. It's that their emotional spectrum is a lot smaller then neurotypicals.

Ginger Clay

Wert ty

Pulsar Rowdy

🤦‍♂️ self control


I am soooooooooos sorry for ur lose


2:51.....i expected him to turn into a rage monster!!!

Will Westaway

Hi guys

Anthony Swinson

2018 anyone

Pave Kae

ty did every shot

Lord Hexdrix and his wicked world of insanity

amazing absolutely amazing when i saw the length of the video i almost turned away. but then i saw something awesome and next thing i now, im watching this video over and over


Huge Raptors fan. Did not want to see KD go down. He was unbelievable after a month off. Hoping for a speedy recovery KD.

Tae Mo




Sensitive Fish

Why do I feel like these are fake

We get periods,

Steven Lu

I hope KD leads this team to his last championship for GSW. Hated his cuts when he came here but rooting for his success