Olymp Trade India में Legal है या नहीं, Olymp ट्रेड पैसा भेजता है या नहीं? - YouTube

Olymp Trade India में Legal है या नहीं, Olymp ट्रेड पैसा भेजता है या नहीं? Olymp Trade में पैसा Deposite कैसे करते है?इस विडियो में आवाज बहुत स्लो है तेज आवाज में अपडेटेड विडियो का लिंक नीचे दिया गया है उस पर क्लिक करके देखे Update और कोई सवाल पूछने के लिए फेसबुक पेज पर मेसेज भेजे

Maulana Fetrisena Atmaja


Deanna Hernandez

I don’t think the doctor payed attention in medical school.....

Roxanne Labrèche

I have have the same thing




Your videos are really freaking awesome ...I love theater and film so this was an exciting thing to watch ...its a shame that there aren't so many really iconic movies these days ...btw I love the way u cut every video ...its like ur own style :D keep it up man very nice videos

Jean Moolman

I really live in Pretoria

Haley hollett

Panda has loads f skill

Trent Williams



Go world! Cuz who gives a fuck about nationalities in this day and age..

Heather Lear

You guys are great. That video was heart warming and very emotional. I actually cried. I love you all so much. X

smol bean wee

is it wrong that i dont cry or feel bad

Renier Notingor

Coby is a freakin ninja!!

Matthew Ryley

loved it guru


lol the Makers of Rick and Morty really like Gravity Falls

Zax002 Gaming

add for pc


I dont get what happened?

Super primal Man 235


Rootdoctor Blackbird Shaderack

Well done...

Tiel Master

They should have a filter in the comments to search by years. Trying to find some originals right now.

Bust down glass all in the Patek

Jayashree Francis

R.I.P old guy


I’ve tackled this theory before myself, and I ended up compiling a Journal of clues that point to Ditto not being a Failed Mew Clone.

Hasan Latif

whos here in 2019 may


Dude perfect: 5 adults being payed millions to live out every kids dream

Adam Priefer

Russia everywhere

Oʙᴠɪᴏᴜs Hᴀᴍɪʟᴛʀᴀsʜ

Or.... you could've just gone to marriage counselling in the first place... cause emotionally destroying a woman will (most likely than not) leave her desperate for your return, and that's emotionally manipulative, and saying that you saved it was an extremely stuck up thing to do. Go kiss your own sorry ass man. Hope she finds out she deserves someone better.

Brenton Spriggs

and also to make ur rocket go faster it has to tilt in the air


I’ve birthed 4 babies, and I just want to say how amazing Hila did. It looks like she handled it really well and kept her head. Especially as a first time mom, She did so amazing. The pictures where she is holding Theodore for the first time made me cry. That feeling is wonderful, the 9 months of waiting, the pain, and it was all worth it for that little guy. Congratulations you guys. He’s such a blessing.

Gaming boiboi

Dont trust your instincts, dont be gay... Dont end up like Freddy... Pride is bad, dont do it. It gets better? Na your going to die of aids. Be safe kidos...

Terri Israel

Keep doing that for the endings for your videos of Easter eggs love u man I hope to see u again bye man love u


Extra bit I found out. The ghost on GTAV can always be seen through a scope, regardless of the distance between you and her.

GhettoWood FB

how did you get the name "kid guru"? and will you pls do an episode on chrono trigger

Ion Know

she looks like noah cyrus and kendall jenner

sock g


Jasper Butcher

The devs are probably shitting their pants right now! 💩💩💩💩💩💩


6:18 i closed my eyes when those lights turned off... then i scared my ass when the bitch started dancing.

Jodi Ho

Make another game with consanguineous

alis a

I bet the girl you helped is thanking you from her heart I think you are such a wonderful person I can't believe that there are still nice people like you on earth 💕💕

Jayy T

"Gotta See It"? No I don't 👎

Charuu Kummar


Chris Paul


Friend: oooo fuck

Confused Kujo

The plain at 4:35 is the one you glide off in far cry 3

Pure Youth TM

People we understand that is great to put a jumpscare warning but we got it stop putting a fucking comment about that pls. It really piss me off!!!

edna marilao

i want a panda ambush