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The GRAMMY Award-winning "Losing My Religion" from R.E.M.’s critically-acclaimed, 1991 album, "Out Of Time"To learn more, visit Buy the album: 3CD+BluRay Deluxe Edition - - - - - for more R.E.M.: Follow On:YouTube: Music:

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I have just found another infinite 8 killer easter egg on GTA V, go to sandy shores where you will find a degrepted old hotel. Next to it there is a house which the roof has collapsed you will find a note stuck on a wall. Get out a sniper you will find out that Merle Abrahams is the suspected killer and the newspaper was printed december 2004.If you search infinite 8 it links to the murder on mt Chilliad . Also on the newspaper it says the victims

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With his skills I still surprised that Coby still hasn't won


If Wendy's were any good they would be here in the UK too ;)

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I thought the first persons name was lamain

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is the lady with a shotgun in maxpayne is an easteregg?


I was waiting for this one! Thanks Guru! You're the best man!

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This channel deserve so many more subs. You rock, Guru!

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How did you drive on the water without hydroplane tires???

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The dude perfet show typo at the end

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Juanpa this was absolutely amazing! Thank you for this video because the world really needs it right now. You never fail to mkae an amazing video! ILYSM

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I never cried when anybody from my family died.Does that make me a psychopath

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thank you for starting to do BF4 easter eggs, now I don't know if it was my several comments about them but thanks anyways. You are one of the best Easteregg showcasers (Is that what you would call it?) on YouTube and I hope you continue with your Easteregg showcases, and keep up the good work


Another one


I always knew caillou was not a kids show.

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Is that Tadashi in the thumbnail?

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Didn't you do alien isolation?


OMG they made a Aletta game jesus, i dont wanna imagine that whackness

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is there a next video planned?

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