Opeth - Ghost Reveries (2005)

Tracklist:1. "Ghost of Perdition" 0:002. "The Baying of the Hounds" 10:303. "Beneath the Mire" 21:074. "Atonement" 29:045. "Reverie 34:27 / Harlequin Forest" 35:356. "Hours of Wealth" 47:157. "The Grand Conjuration" 52:368. "Isolation Years" 1:03:00All rights reserved to Opeth Mikael Åkerfeldt – vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, MellotronPeter Lindgren – lead guitarMartin Mendez – bassPer Wiberg – Hammond organ, Mellotron, grand piano, MoogMartin Lopez – drums, percussionMartin Axenrot − drums

Lakshmi Shankar

Hi Tony, mark my words. You will get your due with interest ❤️💋


I ADORE you, James xoxoxoxox


Don't let your memes be dreams


At 6:58 who else heard "look at all those chickens" looks like another Easter egg video in Guru's videos

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The symmetrical Boi

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André Niemand

That trooper hitting his head on the stairs....that was gold.

Team DeadBull

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At 9:31 if you put the video at 0.25 the speed and look very closely at the window you will see a black figure run across.

Dylan Olson

That's not the first time a flying object hit a new York building

Reelika Kivirand

A what what now? confused look 🤔



Parker Prevost

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- Cakrawala -


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The fonts are great too. Your work is getting better and better man !

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Luna Bear bear

I got mad watching this


Wow, what an eye opening video. I mean like its true, when people have dreams and aspirations but they are no where near them it feels close to impossible to achieve those dreams because there are so many people out there who say you CANT DO IT. This perspective becomes many peoples reality sadly. This video sums up the idea that the powerful become more powerful and the weak become weaker. Those in power who recognize this and bring those who are weak up to their level are the types of leaders we need in todays world. We seem to make it to our destination but then stay there because we are too lazy to help others get to that point of success too. I don't know if I am making sense to anyone but it sure as hell makes sense to me. Ima take this idea and run with it, thank you MinuteVideos for your work. You are appreciated

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