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Evan Knight

the first one is insane

Theo Hayman

nose dives into the ground


am i the only one who knows what laughing beauty is singing


Most believe it's to pay homage for one of men (who worked on the games) who lost their daughter awhile back.

Jiia Foxnite12

Who’s watching in 2019!

The Gaming ZonE

Part 2 plzz

Emo Potato

I want to know Lin Manuel Miranda’s story please :D

kai crooks

he killed a tree

Lucy Falcione

leave a life ifyou're wondering how they do that.

D Spartan

the thing with infinity ward's games is that they are too gray

Corbin McMurray

Laser tag

Orange Hokage

Why am I so addicted to Sana popping into her second stance at 2:52?!!

Sergio M. Urbizu

I was thinking more like Maturin The Turtle from Dark tower series. T

Alexandria Faiella

I have been watching for a long time now and you always cease to amaze me

Vivien Petre

Few years ago I told my mom how I feel and I need a professional help. Her answer was that "What if anyone will see me? She doesn't want to feel ashamed that her child has a mental disorder"

baby0431 HU


Nicole Alamillo

It would be $345,385 I don’t know why


These trickshots just make me feel the reason why I subcribed 7 years ago, these trickshots they do now don't feel the same

sara gomes

This reminds me of “tare zamin per”


CoD Black ops 1and2 are winners they have so many easter eggs Awesome !!!!

You mean Peyote, it was even on the screen when found haha.


dp vs telitubies

This Story is Absolut

random comment

This looks good so far

Usui Takumi

Would be so much better if they've used subtitle and let them speak

Furgy Yard

Your so pretty in real life

Keep making these inspirational stories