Peleamos y Arreglamos - Lyanno X Randy ( Video Oficial ) - YouTube

Peleamos y Arreglamos - Lyanno X Randy

savage superstar

4:21the sparks on the camera

10/10 upload 💯💯💯


I like how at 2:31 Cody realizes he can’t copy Noel so he just does his own thing then Noel copies him. Cute ❤️

She wants to be cold with me?? Fine but then I’m no longer going to be a little puppy pleading for forgiveness.

Zachary Wojcik

You guys should make a video of you guys playing each other in a game. Or another stereotypes video.

Zaya Jackson

I remember that MW3 mission. I was surprised at it, and Sad about it in the end, I can't believe I forgot about that..

John J

Nf just hit the world with this one lol.. congrats dude.. only found you 2 years ago but heard everything... even the stuff b4 the good stuff... for all those reaction vids , if you watched dude long enough each thing here is from past videos, besides the white coats but i believe

Hannah Villena

Tyler and his dad

Lightning Gaming Team

RIP bucky MARCH 1 2012= March 1 2012 long live bucky

Varaender Raina

4:36 we almost saw the panda's face


It's blocked in my county :(


This song has more bars than 6ix9ine’s Jail Cell.

king cow

This is amazing

Hunter Ryan

Big baller bow shot

eric jiga

that duke nukem one didn't deserve to be on the list, it was ripping on halo somewhat, and wasen't even trying to hide the reference, it was just as crude and un thought out as the rest of the game, the rest of the list was realy good though.


que buen tema la concha de la lora


There's a type of sword you can get in Witcher called longclaw, I also believe that on Skellige you can hear a couple of guys talking about a bunch of people who got killed at a funeral and they called it the red funeral.

Latiel Bobadilla

what happened to that tall guy now. He's not in dude perfects video anymore



정국아 사랑해

Halston Faulkner

Fireworks next