Planet Rock '96

Alexis Domingo

the stuntdoublelooks a lot the real version of panda

sift Anims

You know not only cory desrvse the golden golf ball they all deserve it because they all try their bests

kk K

Coby swear at 3:22 just turn on captions/subtitles

All kinds of sports guy Sanchez

Why do you not do a hat throw in the outro

Jonathan Yushchyshyn

When the hand stated falling my sister stared turning up the volume on the sound of


Baby, Baby, Baby! Oooooooh..... You got shot...

Croí Saor

Highly recommend this game, one of the best games of PS3, and now PS4. Playing online is a must though, makes the experience 100x better in my opinion,

The Green Marauder

Art thou mad?

Coletyn Gilmore

yes Coby will


Ty looked like a weirdo with his haircut

Hannah Weitz

f u c k y o u

Bitbox Studios

yeah its true that fans have been asking for cod to go back time but the problem is that cod is made every year. so while we are asking for cod to make WWI styled game, they have already made 2017's cod and that will probably include tripple jump where u jump from planets to planets and fly spaceships. LOL


you should do a second video for dishonored, the amount of easter eggs in that game...

Chaitanya Deshpande

Backwards panda pogo shot

book of no nos

ayomi starwoods

I love you coby

A society where the stronger you are the higher you get up the rankings in politics and society you get, regardless of your ability to run and make judgments. This would have been the rule in historical times. Where the strongest if they had ambition would run society.

Paige Hebert

I know how you feel. My first boyfriend was abusive as well. I broke up with him back in June and I can tell you I was much happier after I did that. It just goes to show you that you can't always trust everyone.


Damon I need this DLC

Queen of Hearts

#YIAYjob Being married to you is enough of a job

Peter Berisha

Man they should have put some Crash Bandicoot Easter eggs to complete the Naughty Dog history.

Sunny Patel

Nigga is a swear word you are naughty boy or girl 😡😡😡😡😡

Pratham Shah

Signature dunk

Crabby 101

No way