Playboi Carti - Cash Shit

caash bih

New e seus neguinhos

nope, but amolst every1 believe, it was a little joke.


My teachers are like the mean teachers. They make fun of kids if they don't understand something. There's a girl in my Math class who gets bullied by the teacher. I am good friends with her though so it isn't like she doesn't have any friends, but it's pathetic that teachers make fun of their students instead of helping them.

the purple and black sloth

"i cant bare looking at my ugly bald head" so your calling people with cancer and alopecia ugly wow just wow

Noaman Cheklaoui

4:49 cpying LEvi confirmed


It would be funny in multiplayer u move a secret rock it gives u a rock ribbon

Vecky Morales

Hello Tyler

Drus 13

Do a real life course battle (Places: Mall,HQ,and Other places u think) with objectives

Benjamin Swain

Was that a Kelpie?!

Take care of others !

Wiener God



And now an egg owns Instagram.

i would love it Sin quererlo, siempre un pensamiento tuyo llega (Oh, eh eh) How tf do u throw a hologram alarm clock at the wall?

Filip Riis

This video sucked!

Mario R

Guru why we're you gone for so long? School?


" Don't get caught in the mix this shit very dangerous " 🔥

Tobias Jakobsen

Dear guru. I've been seeing your videos for a hvile and even though you rarely talk about yourself i feel like you're a friend, sometimes i wish i could learn more about this mysterios guru kid. And remeber you are amazing. Greetings a big fan

Agent Scyther

Did anyone else notice when Cody did the longest target smash she he hit it the skeet turned from orange to green

doga kurklu

The girls is so annoying


Ending music ? :)

Ava Ettedgui

I love Starbucks and I love the mango dragon fruit one but I also get the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino