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Wow dude you have 300.00 subscribers i subscribe you when you nhave 50.000-60.000 subscribers

Luca Marchesotti

why are your tickets so much money?!?!

evad_ _1131

Do editor edition 2

Jael Cedillo

I call baby boy !

Zain Sheikh Ali

We beg not to go to school 😂😂

The most fulfilling moment of my life.


Wait, is this video in a DLC, or the actual game? I don't remember ANY missions like this.




i feel like there is a difference between spraying water using a water sprayer and breaking up the parts vs dousing the water and kinda flooding the area

Runaway Boy

This just incurges trolls it will exist for 10 days I promise u that

Kyle Ebright



Rip Old Guy 😰😥😓

extra dence

I feel like you're slowly trying to make your channel a little more PG-13 but honestly I'm cool with that I think itd be really funny hearing you cuss more keep it up ig

Tansley Court

i feel you Cods. hights stink

Epic PandaDan

StoryBoard: jesus 4:45

Сидоров А.С.

I like the idea of the authors of the CoaliChain platform.


I think this is me? Should I be consernd

Sammy Tatum

This video is so old

Mike May

how can a card break a glass boddle

Fiefdom Of Umbria

god has uploaded

Amir Days

Ya know with ff7 world theme in the background makes this 10 times sadder

Aj Martin

Tequila shot

Aiman Razib

It ok coby😋👌💕try again 1 like to give coby = win



Trunks future

Things can change for the better

Matt Clapham

2017 edition will come soon

Me: pulls out assault rifle Klondike who? Sundae what?


Can some one do a 8h gru voice so I can play it so I sleep well wow I want it plz hahah lol NO REALLY JUST DO IT YESTERDAY YOU SAID TOMORROW

Jedstar Videos

Pls subscribe

Procrastinator Jones

7;57 I guess he was 'puts on sun glasses' Rock hard YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH


Hola alguien me puede decir que es lo que siempre dicen al final de sus vídeo? Gracias 😀

Lee Healey

what nikes joe got on?

Areee Ash

If i had a friend like her, i would turn from gay to straight and fall in love with her! (I mean i know its not possible but i would just love her!)

Kyle Colgan

Can i join you?

Bret Novosel


Kawika Kealoha

Coby will wil

Eduardo Santiago

you guys hit tiyer head

Szabó Bence

Do whatever you would like to, because all of your fans know that you make only quality edited, totally enjoyable videos ^^

Graysen Angus

Who is panda

5. the non sleepy guy ( who have fun with his toys or his play cards)