Play That Funky Music Drum Cover

Having fun with another classic.

Natalie Rutland

I liked Mr jumpy the kid kicking the chair the rage monster the pregnant women with the food in her stomach the old guy the girl who goes to the toilet cause she drinks to much the cold girl the guy who text during the movie the saving the seats and finely the guy who sleeps through the whole movie and says it was great ...

John edward cunanan

If i were u i will leave the house and tell the teacher


What song is playing during the video ???

Rachel Lemire

Rip there money

O-okay Hysteria is not a proper term and was just used to diagnose women when they did basically anything that others didn't like. Its demeaning and stupid and now there are better terms to describe specific mental illnesses. Please don't say you have hysteria because its not a real thing, and it was used to oppress women. If you look it up hysteria was supposed to be a womans womb was moving around in their body which caused emotional and sexual unrest and the cure was an orgasm. Clearly in these days we know that it's completely false.

kim Taehyung v

Guga will be so proud of you for trying his method

Dj Cleveland

Thumb nail:

Demonitization Proclamation

Disney: released Frozen 2Young girls: heavy breathing

BlackHoleKitten 21

Hi, I'm Bri. I'm 21 and married. I have BPD, I've known I have bpd sense i was about 18. I knew I had anxiety and depression but I know these other symptoms where something a little more serious. I've been suicidal sense I was about 13. Last year I had a very serious BPD episode where I tried to kill myself. My mother and husband tried to calm me but I would let them get close enough because I felt I didn't deserve help or love from them because I was a terrible human. The next week I started therapy. I've had one break down sense starting therapy. I called my therapist and she helped talk me through my suicidal thoughts. I've gotten a lot better. But i still experience all of the symptoms in this video, just at a lesser level. Its mostly manageable and I can control things a bit better (at least the acting out part). Things in my head still get screwy sometimes, but that's why I go to therapy. I started therapy for my husband because I saw i was hurting him and he didnt know how to help. Now I'm doing it for myself too. things can get better. Get help, go to a therapist who specializes in BPD patients. Just remember if you are going to therapy and applying what your therapist tells you to do, things will get better and you will be able to manage it better. Recovery is not a straight shot, its ups and downs, forwards and backwards, but it is worth it ❤

Calebe e João GAMES caca e jão

Walter seiri

Tikki Buddies

Hold up didn’t your father abuse you

Pavle Kadijevic

Will there be an another rocket battle video?


Since you've already made Blood Money and Absolution's, you could do from Hitman Contracts. It has some nice easter eggs.


All that you tried on Manaola looked so good on you! And Manaola Yap was so kind. So soothing to see and hear him Talk💞


that "LOYAL" radar tho XD

against corruption

Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩


This sounds like me atm my dad and mum took my controller away so I can revise for my exams but they will give it back after the exams

Adrian C. T.

Glad to have you back FunWithGuru

Zach Galanius

Lol 😁 funny 👍 86 vs 41 Leol funny 👍😁 👌❤☝😁❤🇺🇸 WOOOOOO



Jacob Shorees


louis gomez

the brown s are very bad I feel bad for Johnny he is a good quarter back but is on a bad team

Carrillofambam _

The lgbt probably gonna makeElsa lesbian or have a fit for no representation

Jodi Huston

who else is watching in 2016

Rawan Nazar

You’re a bish

Dario Hall

I hate to be THAT GUY but Guru your better then this. This IS the WORST MOVIE EVER!!! Ive met Michael Cera too. Even he dislikes this movie.

Malia plays

Gnfjcj kej bad and.You. Stinks but it's not like you have a lot of work

soccer challenge

He's on snap face oh I love snap face hey Joe let's go make love😂😂


Mamoye Gano

I think that I’m living the same life 😭 I’m too fat and I’m so much ugly and no one will marry me

Mario Ramirez

Wow I honestly can't believe what I saw it was just amazing

A Hsieh

My reply to Wendy if I was the one texting her: 🖕


yoyo 94

Me in my toilets:


The second to last

logang4life maverick

No look bullseye was best

Marco Galloro

Your brave

Homie fox I luv DORITOS

USA is the best

Volter Koo


Because.. skip a meal = gastric = bloated = no appetite = lose weight = might faint.