Bodak Yellow- Alvin and the Chipmunks

Ale Gomez-Rubio

@genagrgns wind you fucking idiot

The Gaming Potato

ponies XD

Behold_ Rebecca

I'm the kind of person that weares shoes that are $10 or less😂

Cassie Perry

Film with Ned LeDoux

Mom: Calls police

امل محمد


Jack Sampson

boy if you dont get

Kostas Parotsidis

I am a 15 years old boy who his parents always yell at him taking hid phone away and they just want their kid to do scoollwork they dont let me have friends and dont let me go anyway I just want a normal life I want do die I dont want to live like this enymore my dad has psyco problems and when my mom is at work he and my sister always make fun on me I talked to my mom about this but she supported my dad and not me I say it again I dont want to live like this I think that is the last comment I wright cause the next thing I am going to do is to kill myself

Josh Pfeifle-Weber

23 bounces

Big d

This was the most accurate one


I was your mouse cursor in the shot?


more panda!!!!!! pźalstaç

Bangtan Vi

If this is for real i would wanna do it with my crush

Isak Aarvold

this is how white folks play basketball

Joel Perez

Jae will be happy when you love nerdcity

Jocelyn Joya

Stupid dam

Not red in the middle. 😕

Iman Gadaffi

HAH red my $$$$$

Razel The Shepherd

Damn, I have to punch an old lady to feel manly again. You are awesome!

grace Dog

Black mirror vibes