Lower Than Atlantis - Money Drum Cover

Cameron Saliba (and I did a collaboration cover of the Lower Than Atlantis song Money off of their album Safe In Sound! Needless to say, we both like Eddy Thrower's drumming in the band!Shoot me a message if you’re interested in jamming or some session work, I’d love to help!play Tama Superstar drums with a 22” kick, 12”,14”, and 16” toms, and a Pork Pie Little Squealer 13” snare. For cymbals, I use Zildjian 14” K Hats,18” & 20” Medium Thin Crashes, a Sabian 21” AA Raw Bell Dry Ride, and an 18” Agazarian China cymbal.Microphones Used:Shure SM57s and SM58s: Snare top and bottom, 16” Floor tomSennheiser MD421: 12" TomShure Beta 91A: Kick InShure Beta 52a: Kick OutAKG C214’s: Overheads*All running into a Focusrite Clarett 8pre and Saffire Pro 40 interface

Ryan Pittman


Robux Farmer



This cant be real couse he would need a million balls to shot repeatly . If they would keep bringing him the ball after the miss that would take way too much time . This is fake and almoust impossible to do .

Jeremy Ruch

Man Brees can get the ball out of his hand so fast


How much did the CIA pay you to make this video?

cammy bear

the simpsons 😂


you forgot the outlaws Laserdog. On a hill in one of the historical missions, there is a dog with sunglasses. Hes shooting lasers at you^^



I wouldn't even call the convoy mission an Easter egg, it's more like a continuity between Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed.

Lucy Anderson

theory- she’s trying to find her dead parents in the ocean


they are references mostly


Wolf_playz Roblox

Bro i'm going to summer camp for the first time! This summer really IS gonna be next level!!!! :D So hyped!

Jaymz Keane

Your game selection makes me happy

Shana N

Why am I getting a crazy"Trying to unsee, certain things that I saw." vibe, lol maybe he's just tired, you need to get her some iron supplements