"All My Friends Are Dead" - Future Trunks Kills Zamasu AMV - XO Tour Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

I do not own Dragon Ball SuperAll credits & rights goes to Tōei AnimationAll song credits goes towards Lil Uzi Vert & WMGSong: XO Tour Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

Narvada Chauhan

Whose favorite colour is RED?

Liana Cozy

I feel kinda related to her when she say she got something bad just for doing what she think is the right thinks🤔

Sweety Paint

Comments section : YeS?Me: YES!

sheez no hunny im sorry


What happened to the profile picture

Илья Кочетов

Mission paced

Hector Alvarez

bro how du you find des ester eggs

Chota Don

The last one was amazing obviously...

Unknown Person

They did not spoiled anything about the movie, thats how every trailers should be like!

Nica king

Camp table rock

Theres so many worse things she said but i can't bring myself to say any,, I'm sorry


i too have had similar stories.

sangeeta patil

is there hulk in far from home ?


he looks like the ice golem, pheraps there are more element holders, like earth fire and water.


To bad for him he’s going to hell

Randy Hayato

That b*tch needa hard ass slap

Najam Harahap

Very interesting maybe i want to join it


during the bus hostage situations and you hear a policeman negotiating with whoever it is i always seem to hear tom hanks voice, anyone else?

Madison Finny

Hey dude perfect I love this channel please answer back plz


Kika Bonita 83

What kind of statement is that. Max Kellerman is all over Kawhi’s dick. Dude, take it easy! Don’t swallow it at once. If Kawhi shuts down KD, it doesn’t mean shit. It only means that a healthy superstar shuts down an injured and rusty superstar.

luke arnold

Does it matter he missed 1