Raptors PG Fred VanVleet 2017-2018 Season Highlights ᴴᴰ

Highlights from Raptors PG Fred VanVleet's 2017-2018 season.Get your SportzCases here! - Code for 10% off: SkyDesignsTwitter: @SkyDesignsgfxInstagram: @skydesignsgfx

ᕼᑌᑎᗪᖇEᗪ ᔕᑌᗷᔕ ᗯITᕼ ᑎO ᐯIᗪEOᔕ

Anyone watching in 2029?

Tiko Zakaryan

1:58 this is how a song should start (baaaang)

Danielle Forero

am i gonna be the 1st to say this but both looked like they wanted a piece of emma. and no not in that way i just couldnt find better wording. thx and gn

Gracies_chilli Bean

“Wow this girls life is perfect!”

Journey Cole

Cody always kills the chorus!!


Oh my homeland Bohemia or Czech or Česko :)

Theo Willis

I am slightly autistic and i am so popular and have a lot of friends

Me: misbehaves when I am sick and she (my mom) takes care of me


entertaining video. Great work!

Reem alajmi

واو دخلت الاغنيه بالصدفه و اعجبتني 😍❤️💋

kamrul islam biplob

Best ever video in my life

Jonaid Ajeeb



Its faster than usain bolt

Reza Prasetyo

You smart guru , you loyal guru

cat angel 4000 - Minecraft, Roblox and more!

I'm the coachLike if you are too


i sorta wish that u wernt able to pull a rocket launcher outa your ass like in the past gta s but its watev

Laybah Khurram

Not even my mom knows (tells loads of people on YouTube )

Austin Fry

Can you do farming stereotypes


Ah my first video

Bloo Gamer

Wait Tom Santagato is an Olympian?!?!

MJ 56

Wrestling room



4:14 Another Small bookcase easter egg. If you look to the a few books to the left of the Red Dead book, you can see one named "American History Y" Refering to the film "American History X" starring Edward Norton. It looks like the book in the game says that it is written by "H. Potter" Correct me if i am wrong.

Samuel Anneken

1:07 I think ty made that floater

little.bitch .bravo

Wow 3m already😥😥

Ayden Geist


Valeria Pereira

i stg ik fo a fact my mom would blame it all on me smh


I saw,ur addvertisement the nerd wOne pretty good

Sane fame

Hit or miss

Anthony Noid

team coby lives forever


The final fantasy vii remaster got a huge facelift....this did not

That's crazy

I wonder when that's amazing will do collab with dude perfect


Or hockey stereotypes on skates

Chase Yiu

I want more bloops!!!

Double T

The only motivation channel that makes me actually change something

Gre NekoBoy

What the hell was that Doge at the last one " silent hill 2 "

Logan Matcham

0% chance for coby


Why the shotgun sounds muted?

Kaushik Anandakrishnan


Ricky Prvulj

If there’s someone in 2019 chuck a like


Can the water horse be generated by Elsas future lover boy? Would be hella sweet Disney! 😂💕

Brandyne Finney

put a bolling alley.

Erica S

So glad she picked the orange swimsuit. Looks great on her

Genevieve Ayala



Easter Eggs on Far Cry 4 or Advanced Warfare!

K Fisher

F*ck anime 👿👿