Reach - Learn to Dance

Reach - Learn To Dance sung and performed by Kidzone, with dance moves demonstrated by Kerry. The video 'Reach - Learn To Dance' is taken from the DVD-- 'Party Dance -- Let's Dance Together'. Published by CYP Limited in 2005.Watch, Learn and Dance., to master these exciting dance steps.Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: audio is included on the CYP album 'Kidz S Club', and can be downloaded from at

(I don't wanna, I don't wanna) No matter how late you were out

Wyatt Beast

Tyler is so annoying

Zxnoes Gaming



Nobody: second one a flasher

Gingousem Haokip

Nice game

Adam Stauber

Who is inside the panda costume


Wait, your using real grenades? That escalated quickly.


Serious? :P, so i didnt paid much attention on that


actually the the freddy crougar bed easter egg actually isnt real because when i looked at it there were spiked knuckles on the bed(Random weapon spawn maybe?)

Samantha Jamilla

This is so true 😔


Watching this at loch nes

Gabrielle Wallace

Ok so I can tell from the first part Ethan need to go back to school 😂😂💖

Tilly Stockley



Interesting idea, though it would be cool to see more easter eggs in 1 video, (6 mins?)... Perhaps do a bundled kinda thing? Like "video game references to horror films", and within that just choose a few to do at a time, I think that'd be a better idea if you come across multiple movies which have few easter eggs, but 1s worth mentioning.

Abhishek Chandankere

hey guys i just love your videos....keep doing this....can u make a video for game cricket....i would love to see a video of dude perfect with Cricket...take virat kohli with u...he is the no. 1 cricketer.....

She who animates

If I were in her situation I would do everything I can to die. I already feel useless even though I am perfectly healthy.

TheOther Sanic

I hate Texas a@m

Louis Lam


Meme Plays

I know this is fack but ok

Eman the Wee Man

Sub way

Jan Schwerdtfeger

Song at 0:56?


does anyone else realize he has a gun ahhahaha

GD Owl

Oh buddy till 1st grade your screwed

Emin Vatansever

What's Playing first rap song name?


Wow looks imoresive ! Now, what is the story??


2:28 it’s a crayfish

Lill Sweet Cupcake

No uh cant be ugly.. no one can be ugly.. uh have a perfect skin.. a perfect face and a perfect personality... those were the people who were jealous of uh.. jzz keep ur self esteem high..

How do you do an internet?

05:33 Mr Johnson, the ship is stolen



man hei kwok

0:36 Link only looks at Zelda when she is reading from the wall ...


Dude the ufo`s are really creepy

what I needed right now. Thank you❤️

Angie Love

They’re dude perfect and I’m dude trash 🗑😑


sick.. watch Dude Dope


Get rekt

Klepto Cats

I wish that the police would come faster an hour is a pretty long time and if your in danger

james carroll

1:07 Demolition Ranch shoutout 4:35 Also on Demolition Ranch


@flame2487 thats exactly what mustardman72 said...


What is this song


Why don't you show the sentences at finale

Shyann Marshall

Ty did the best at the end

Jerry Fu

elon musk

Julia Wilkerson

The tile doesn’t really make sense you always get deported against your will

Subhash Gandhi

It's both low to high and high to low

Pink Potato

nice background music

Seiten Sifir

Ufo361 WAVE

Lop Kam

Great video

Myles Brothers

The anticipation & celebrations are epic lol

Julian Goodnough

Had to throw the hot pocket meme

Billy Marrs

no homo but watching your videos help my depression

The character in the video is just rude, she should just explain that she doesn't want to go, real friends would be understanding, they obviously care about her and she's treating them with disrespect by complaining when her friend only trying to prevent her feeling left out and include her.

His nose look like a shotgun