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swanky catch there

XeNo Ice

Why was he using water for cereal instead of milk?

Rolo Bro

Owens flip was my favorite

Hun that's what I'd pretty call a monster

Spooky _

The gonzo gun is a reference to 'gonzo the great' from the muppets

Happiness Noise

I panic when the teacher calls on me when I wasn’t paying attention lol 😂

chicken nigger

This is better than your shit.

Noob Money

BASEBALL EDITION ( Most of the shots were with basketballs)

ChimChim95 Park Jimin

I am so happy. You are defenetaly one of the people that I relate to although I have different problems but I relate to your problems and feelings.

Melvin Melvinson

nick name dude perfect eprfectely earned

Amanda Pine

I want to do that

Dramatically Always

I am from Texas it is not a peecan it’s pcon



My step brother was my grandma


Damn you're about to get rich off that book

Eddie Ferraro

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Mika Gacha

The way she said “beautiful”

Levi P


Daryll Angelo

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Pauline Cagle

You should name it the bow dunk

All in One


Shadow Wolf Games

I hope your Battlefield Xbox disc is okay hahahaha


I never realized how much that poor panda had to go through

Khari Broodie

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Bonnie Maxwell


Cobi Carrington

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I've played Football at that stadium


Any one else see the Troll face at 4:48 ?


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This is how many people found this song on their own OmG

Mia Delanoy wallace

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Korbin Kidwell

Actually love is a noun not an action which is a verb

p e a c h c h i

oh shit if this gets dark please rate it rated 13

Taiquan scott

That was awesome hope you watch my vid not that good here my link trick shots part 1. Deticated to you guys

The Mon key

I just listen to fearless by pink floyd.

Thalia Prentza

I play chess and i am first at all Greece