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Montage of the Funniest Red Dead ONLINE Moments of 2018 by Jongo Phett. Made up of the best red dead redemption 2 glitches, bugs and random funny fail clips that I have recorded while playing Red Dead and clips sent in by viewers in 2018. #RedDeadOnline #rdr2 #RedDeadRedemption2 #funnymoments►SUBMIT YOUR CLIPS! Previous Video: Follow me on Instagram:Follow me on Twitter: me on Origin: Jongo PhettJoin My PS4 Community: Jongo Phett Community► Contribute subtitles and language translations to my videos: MusicSong: Out West by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (LIKE & SHARE 👍

Jonathan Jönsson

2:38 Fail

Jocelyn Bui

does she have some sort of blurry filter on her face?

Jude Robson

You will always be one of my favourite youtubers

David Rios

Is it me or @ 0:14 on you hear a moan

Jenna’s Gacha World

Why does she sound so much like Hinata...

Animators is Illuminati comfirmed

Alyssa Rivera


StarX Visuals

Check out my vids too thanks!!! A BUNCH of basketball vids...

Ember Liquid

wow game theory called it on the giants.

Comic NerdDude

And it's awesome


Anyone could do that ???


Cue unnecessary, shitty effect in 3, 2, 1...

success onochie

If someone needs help they need a friend like polly 😜

Siddharth Bhargava

That's amazing .Now we all got to know if cotton brothers facing battle individually they wouldbeeliminated early, but if they both are together ,then they can win all these battles. If you think I am right then give a like.


1:30 are those stones from the movie Brave?

Gamer jajaj

If it once happen to me i will call A POLICE 911!!

magi villasenor

I struggle with anxiety and depression

- FireRedz -

yea sure


im sorry but some of them dont work the missle one, the reddit one,the ascii one,the fibonacii one, and many others.

Cemeti Jap

Dude Perfect Work For Nerf Comercial