"Damn!" Key Glock x Blocboy JB x Tay Keith type beat (Prod. KAMI)

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bala_ villian

Fucking good.... U are next level 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Daaher Abid

Gunna killed it

Antwone Atkins

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this or is even checking this out in 2019, but if you look at 2:32 you can see a rip about an inch or two from tys hand.I think Cory was robbed he got second. Confirm hit on the yellow.


Been anticipating cyberpunk for over a while now , it's quite a "detailed" visual appealing futuristic game with a vast open world and a potential ever changing compelling story, knowing CD project red works with the witcher series , they will deliver!!! (although I appreciate this guy a lot and loved him as neo in the matrix)) FUCK all of the cringey Keanu Reeves bandwagoners who'll only approve of a game just because a gimmick of some well known actor/celebrity is promoting it and is involved in it as well rather than appreciating the 8+ years of hard work and effort the development team has put into the game! I feel like some of these people aren't even hardcore fans of his either , just watched "John wick " 2 & 3 then started acting like some unanimous fanboy. I'm infatuated with this game and I deeply appreciate Keanu as well , just looking at him as a bonus👍

Yves Toledo



Unless I'm dumb you missed a Easter egg at the firewall safe house, which is a Ubisoft office.

Strike Gaming

I really enjoy Easter eggs videos. And your channel is the channel I come to great video !

Joseph Acho

Chris Paul is going to the Houston rockets im from the future

Galaxy Skeppy

I'm a donkey.

Richie Leon

He should keep the beard

andrews call

Seriously farcry5 beginning is in there, I fail to see how that is considered a Easter egg

Alex Acevedo

Honestly I would just say that the people that took her to the orphanage if I were her I would call the police and say they kidnapped me.


I don't understand. What, when, where?

OverGod YT

my favorite shot was the pond skipper

Tyler W

So fake. That full field shot was total BS.

Wolf_playz Roblox

Shoobidy doop doop doop do doop. That ain't in the song XDDD

Skyy Yass

I wish that there were more Harry Potter books

mario pros hack

Me knuckles playtime and knucklws playtime fink yo vids are cool

Zombie Hunter

Tyler looks like his dad

funny tai

Anthony! This is ur new channel or oldish channel because I haven’t been watching it

Black Hand Smith

ok serously first we have that gay skrillex crap...... then we have this? what happened to carry on?> is it really that hard to just put that song in?

The Racing Channel

Special guest: Cody Parkey

I volunteered.

animated Man

So hes 118???!?!?!


1:35 Tractor dunk LOL