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How To Make A Great First Impression: Website: Hair Product: Services: this video men's style and grooming expert, aaron marino of alpha m and, teaches you 7 simple steps to earn respect from others.Learn how to earn and be respected by others with these simple seven steps.This world needs a serious attitude adjustment and it all starts with you and me.Respect yourself, respect others, treat others with respect and the world will be a better place.Our society needs role models, who is man enough to step up the plate with me and be one?Respect: we all want it but are you going to do what it takes to get it? Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents seven steps to be sure you get respect. It all starts with respecting yourself and realizing that it's something that is earned. The steps to earn respect: Take pride in your appearance which includes hygiene, grooming, and style. You send the message to the outside world about your self worth. Stand up for your beliefs by expressing your true feelings, even when your true feelings are different from your peers. You need to be an independent thinker. Speak respectfully- say please and thankful and clean up your language by not using foul language. Think before you react- exercise and develop emotional discipline Respect others- do unto others as they do unto you. Respect is a two way street and try to understand. Don't bad mouth people and talk behind their back- if you have an issue with someone, say it Be a man of your word- if you say you're going to do something Try your best at everything- don't settle for mediocrity. Give it your all.


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