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Ricochet'Seven Bridges Road' 1999I do not own this video, and make no claims on it's content.'Seven Bridges Road'There are starsIn the southern skySouthward as you goThere is moonlightAnd moss in the treesDown the seven bridges roadNow I have loved you like a babyLike some lonesome childAnd I have loved you in a tame wayAnd I have loved you wildSometimes theres a part of meHas to turn form here and goRunning like a child from these warm starsDown the seven bridges roadThere are stars in the southern skyAnd if ever you decideYou should goThere is a taste of time sweetened honeyDown the seven bridges road

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i am so bad at math, and sometimes i think " i will never get better at this. i always forget something and when my teacher ask's me ill freeze." even some of my freinds laughs at me when i answered a question wrong! feels terrible. but this vid shows me that everything is possible! thank you so much for this video!

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This video was made when i was 3

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