Rico Nasty Gets Interviewed By Kids & Shares Childhood Stories | Arts & Raps

Rico Nasty sits down with Dilan & Lynden and tells them the worst thing she ever did as a kid.Subscribe today! CONNECT WITH ADM ←Host #1 Lynden Liu, Host #2 Dillan PattonDirected by: Kelli HuarteExecutive Producer: Kelli Huarte, Sydney KimProducer: Kelli Huarte

darren neil

how to download the game

Putrick Stir

In the borderlands 2 Easter egg of lord of the rings, do you have to start over if you die while carrying the gear?

Seth Turner

Steph curry


I don't understand why this is a popular easter egg used in many games.

Joseph Medeiros


Ehtesham Hashmi

These dudes are awesome

Alain Bruneau



He protec

GoingWithTheFlow TM

What's so special about that truck?


It could also bee one of the Dude Perrfect people Ty Coby Cor Codes or Gar

Adam Sewell

I saw dead rising reference

Random Persom

Good 4 u girl xx!U go make right decisions and love urself and this is 4 everyone recognize the amazing things in u bc u know u have them we are all beautiful god made us this way!❤💕😍

Ridge Bryce


Hermione Grainger

I have almost all Harry Potter books they are amazing 😁

Bojan Medic

2:08 Technically it's not a Hole in One because he hit the cue ball 2 times, but it is a really amazing trick nonetheless!We need a new name. Upper Decker Birdie, Eagle, Par or Bogey?

Shilpan Patel

Wow...who else got taken back with the duck and the lemonade stand reference?

Perci Constance

Man I would’ve never found the animator wife reference in the frame. That’s incredible.


Plus that is a common saying. Well only when you jump off high places.

Luke Natelborg

Of course Cory won, he made the boat out of flex tape. 😂

Caroline Cannon

How is Ty supposed to spend the wheel if he is Ned Forrester? I’m mean Ty isn’t Ned...😐


So the bot can build you defenses instantly?

Connecting Mobil

Please makerocket battle 3

Robert Blewitt

Ty the most like his dad

Landon Clarken

Don’t you hate people who say 2019 Anybody?2019 anybody?

Because they're handicap !


If you shoot off both arms for every bot they do something too.

Casey Eagan

Where's Michael Mamaril from Borderlands 2?

gaming and song club

Team coby

Johann Boi67

What the heck 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


I.... Uhh....... Vent... In my......... Sleep


First time I’ve ever seen this video recommended to me lol

asme R

gladly im from malaysia

Burrito Chaos

Why does everybody say who's watching this in 2016

Fong Chin Weng

There will be another Trailer coming 3 months later in September..... Disney's reeling ingredients: Chili pappers + ice peppermint + tissue paper. (making the movie irresistible to Disney Frozen fans)

Samantha Stephens

thank you for this ik what to do now im always scared to press on one of ur videos bc im scared ur right but i need to take action and thx for reminding me that.


I like number 2 the best


you should do Lionel Messi

geraldine murphy

I also just like the rage monster

Oscar Dyonne

I was bored and started t ask myself stupid questions... Looking at guru's last Q&A when he does his face reveal you can see the date on the bottom left. Assuming that in 1998 he was about 4 or 5 today he should (theoretically) be 26/27,correct? (Sorry for bad grammar :/)

stg Dank

3:45 twin towers ?

Arthur Shubarov

If you where Russian, you could hear that zombie screams "F*ck (you), It's painful!"

Hema Pandey

It is really difficult for a person who is suffering from panic attacks

Mr. Weaksauce

Will be turning my channel into a trickshot channel will be uploading hopefully soon

TriLLzz -

#LongLiveNipsey cuhs.