Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money // Drum Cover // Fat Cat Drums // R8 // Anti

FREE EBOOK "The Right Song Choice To Rock Youtube Search":OUR CUSTOM DRUM TRACKS WITHIN 24 HOURS:all of our Videos: Drum Covers: Plus Collection: is our Drum Cover of "Bitch Better Have My Money" by Rihanna from her upcoming album R8.Please subscribe if you'd like to see more Drum Videos!Credits:Filmed, recorded and edited by Joshua Castner, Alexander Kunißen and Felix Engel in Wuppertal, Germany.

Mattie Jordan

That Intro tho 😂😂😂

Bbyxeilish Edits

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Me: DaFuq.

Billy Dee

really entertained

John Michael

Out of topic, but do you know how the developer gave every main character their names?

William Cepeda

Hay what about 3rd on well just saying

Asma Tariq



So fixing your phone’s screenguard is not a money thing!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


toan 5 mon do lom khong vay ????.|quay clip cu the ve do choi di??.|cho nhap it hang ve ban voi ????.|sao lai khong ghi ro dia chi de cho chung no ghe toi ?????.|ko thay hay gi ca, 8 may thiet bi nay hoai cung xai het roi ??????.|DKM hang ngon vay? sao ben anh van chua co nhi ??.|Quay lo vay lo het 7, ngta ai cung biet thi lam sao ma con choi duoc nua ???.

Kaliver Bastrenaut

Maybe the Gta IV reference is CJ is now the owner of the place :-)


My OCD can't stand that you've got Bamboozled cut off between 'Bamboozle' and -'d'.

Socially awkward People

I watch this with my dogs


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I think have problems

Rorey Powell

R.i.p panda

Gabrielle Wilson

At least coby ain’t a sore loser

Aminah Edwards-Rusli


Golden Dreams

Doggo is boyfriend


Why would anyone dislike

Nicholas Kosior

anybody who liked the video like this credit goes to dude perfect

Sugar Mix

Lol Charlie’s pwnd u

Daisy Duck

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Risse N.

Does it take you one try or 10 trys🤔

Daniel Tosh

.......she.......she is a girl

Malec is life

Jen still has her knife... I was wondering when it would feature in another video.

Mark Andrei Pastorizo


rhenius richard


2 best artist in this song


Vinay Wankhede

AN RKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:48

Angie Napier

Bless this child

Prince Akhtar

Germany will win the 2014 World Cup,I just have a feeling.


I’d honestly just love a punisher game😅

demi _2008

IM WATCHING THIS IN 2019....BTW what if you shoot the heart in the 1st easter egg?

Lorenzo Quattrone

the map American dream map?

Ignacio Hervas

You should do a part 2. One of my fav battles!

Jorge Bastida Urbano

Oh... My... GOD!!! Looks so AWESOME!!!

Anay Biswas

7 years ago.. Damn!

jk, but it was a good app until they made unnecessary changes including taking away chronological order and didn’t listen after we asked for it back.

Oreo Bully


Good guys like us get criticized

Rudy Straight

I pray we get another injury. We need mo fire power to take em out. They still too good

Dylan Smith

Her Stepbrother: let's play our little game ;)