rIVerse Reacts: bury a friend by Billie Eilish - M/V Reaction

That was some epic horror pop and we were gagged. *****PATREON IS OPEN! Please support us and help us keep creating the content you all love! As a thank you for your support, you can get access to exclusive live chats, behind-the-scenes footage, sneak peeks, personalized messages, and more!by Leah Rifkin, Dustin Traballo, and Tatsuya EndoIntro & Episode Edited by Leah RifkinEquipment Provided by Scarlet Lens ProductionsFOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: @rIVerseLive Instagram | Snapchat | Twitter | Facebook



Dũng Bùi



The title couldn't be I cReaTeD aN aDdIcTivE aPp tHat gIves children aNeorExiA


Apparently Pixar Films really love pizza...


Slavs: Dit it come from Germany spy???

William Richards

Can you submultiples batons at a time like in reach

Paulius Šileika

Damn it #FunWithGuru how the hell do you find all of these :D The cake is a lie. Love your videos!


This cluster B is prevalent in my hood.. I can ID them and on line you have millions ! They are annoying stalkers that never stop the B?S gossip, slander and put downs 24?7 real creepy  types. They play it  and they are special oh yes run. They think you want them and use sex to bait you...They love bomb you and blame you for the fooked up mess they you caused it all and they must harm or kill will hear and see this drama time after time. You met them one time for ten min oh they know where you live well guess what you are now a target till they crook ..God help you get an attorney...

Vice Velocity

I love you.

Dalin Zwart

My mom was kicked in her stomach until she was bleeding and she needed to shower while everyone could see her. 😔 I am really proud of her because she went through a lot (she had kind of the same story as yours but then she was abused by her stepfather) and she can still make sure I don’t miss anything in my life. She was in a hospital around 1985-1990, so maybe it changed a lot?

Wolvigamer Velez

I love the grandpa

Doni Wahyu

dude perfect terbaik

Cthulhu Cupcakes

"Though I don't mean to" always means that next thing you hear will be extremely rude or somebody's about to flex hard.

Denial plaaay

кто руский лайк

electric trap

more gametime segment (play fortnite with TFUE MRFRESHAISAN & LAZARBEAM)


this is obviously an Arab family

ام عيون خضر


Icek Online

When you see there's thirty second left in the video after the credits

Hanif Short

She got pregnant even tho it was just an animation


Why the water is green


Ada cr

AL Īïtäļə 88

😎2019 😍

technical job pune


Tanisha Mecas

I have favourite YouTubers and I never get to see them bc they live in LA and I live in waywayseecappo and that’s far from LA I have a sad live 😫😖🥺😩

Dondon purugganan

Im team cobyfor life

Su Herman



Raye Rayee

yall are too slow to fuck with my brain heart or LU... OKKK

aaro ponssila

theres happening something i feel it i have a stone in my pants XD


veronica vargas

I like Tyler garret and Cory and the rest of dp

Reply Tyler

Nicoangelo Sellote

Someone: “breathes” Demons in my brain and they wanna go

aidan moua

How much do they pay for the damage


Press F to pay respects.

mike kendall

i orgasmed man holy fuck thats siiiick

Catherine Wood

Your so close to 10 million, Good luck! ❤️

Amy Purples

Don't be a jerk to the panda.

Purple Gladiator

Mother of God...

I really like the style with the flowers and all the orange colours. So yea.


Ouu, Ethan be hittin da coochie

Mickey and Pluto


aszx 891

We need E3 to be the bigest event this year


it is like bruce willis films hahaha

Peyman Heydari

Again , an awesome video :)

Hugo Hi-Hat

seems like an overall good guy.. but God damn I did not like 1 shoe he bought wtf.

Cody Underwood

Listen to garet at 7:06

Mac Pro Sports

I guessed that his middle name was Richardson

āllī rīē

why did i only know this now