Ronaldo Mix "XO Tour Lif3"

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Galaxy Kira

I have the same story my grand father had a heart attack



Sqfdj 1234

See fortnite makes you homeless play actual good games

Lee Cooper

I am always the newbie


You forgot a easter egg : there is the ghost headless man in skyrim ( i do not remember where ) and it is a reference to the movie Sleepy Hollow which is by the way a fabulous movie.

Mrs Pickles Cullinane

i'm your #1 fan and i love RC's

En Styggbitch

I will say my story to u cous i nedd Okay! I was gona start on a new school. I saw a guy. I fell in love whit him he was cool and nice. I asked for his number and he sayd yes. One day I asked he who he likes. He answered that is was me! I got shookt. The day after on scool he wanted to ask me something. So wen the school was done. He asked me to be he’s girlfriend. I says yes! Of course. Then we starting talking. One day another boy asked me to be he’s girlfriend. He asked every day I got tired. And then I just say yes! Wen I got home I texted Anton yea my ex is Anton. All that happens he got mad and go to nico(he that asked) and says not do that again she’s my girl and I was just 9 I was so scared to go to school the next day. And then nico sayd he will broke up! I was so glad. Then me and Anton got together. I was so glad.we started to play Fortnite


Seeing are broken condom for the first time


if your watching this in 2016 this video is so bad



Marios Stamatis

Beach Stereotypes


How he did a back flip with the oxpogo


hey dude perfect may i do some trick shots with you

Supakij Santsupakij

From Thailand, Great perform 👏👏👍


New episode pls XD

Farra is back

Bryan cheated!!

Leah Radic

What was that noise that he was making towards the end

LuzainSamara And it’s gon' be a robbery, so tuck ya chain (again)

DarkGauntlet GAMING

congrats on the first win ever coby cotton


Still salt Cory lost the shark battle to this day.

Mohammad Ashraf Jan

What kind of life is this

Mr P


Grumpster Man


Mallory Funkhouser

They are good at everything....But soccer

Sea Oceana

Some people say sugar makes you hype, some people say it makes you tired, and i dont even know whats right.


The music, the editing, the effort. You're such a great youtuber!!

Sasha The Gamer

Who thinks he looks like Hiro from big hero 6

Amazing Grace

I'm an ambivert I'm sometimes very talkative but when I'm at parties I'm very quite and I just wanna run away!

The outside-the-box thinker my name is dan

Brandon W

Good to see DJ Khaled get a feature again

Swag Gaming

eating steryotypes

Ellie Gelston

I have asthma and my parents smoke they are the reason why

Ghada baker

Now you are famous in another Chanel it was talking about a girl who was found frozen and other stuff that happened to other people ,YOU WHERE IN THE CHANLE!!

allahu akbar

Nick's Vlogs


Playing Unique

People do bad things till bad things happen

Adam Burns

If you cooked the steak to like 120 instead of 130 when you finish the steak on the grill and melt it together it would cook perfectly and have the right temp instead of being over

SuJu ELF since 2009

Having appendicitis he wasn’t supposed to wait because that will kill him. Anyone in the field knows that having appendicitis should get their appendix removed ASAP.

Aljaž Jesen

That can defineatly slit someones throat



U are matherfucker

Ina Ric

It made me cry

Dr. Lupo

That cashier was probably freaking out after that high five from Kuzma!!!

Donald Trump

Who found this song on trending

ZX Ops

this guy looked so annoyed i feel so bad for him

KasYan G

Hi try to burn magnezium wit liquit oxigen


Kawhi is the best player in the NBA, Stephen A has never said Durant was the best player until it was a possibility that he could play for the Knicks, I can't stand SAS anymore.


What do the X's mean? In number 2 ?

jonathan pratt


Cover Excors

Greet Krabs from me....he owes me 1734 $....

Slow Solid

Slow Solid : enters the chat

Mags Arkadiusz

To think people are starving in the world and children are dying of disease. Meanwhile she has one million purses wow.