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Heidi Kelly

What is the last cats name... Stacy

Renn Nichols

Wtf, Stanley Parable. Wtf.

Bye bye


call of duty black ops 1 has a easteregg i found!!!! one of them was the 2 mailbox

Filip Kotlaja

I wanna play it, but i cant. I have a windows phone

Micah Fischer

That's some 9000 NIC level there!



Anh Quân

I'm a fan from Viet Nam :))

2nd Draft Music

0:46 first time mgk got popular

Brian Lightman

Wow thats quality content you git there and original tho

srustisuman mohanty

What a disgusting man!

Hirosuke Namikaze

"You seem to like Hideo Kojima's games!"


Dis mans cant fight


Guru, it's been years since i'm subscribe to you and your content never get old! This channel is by far one of the best on YouTube, and should be one of the most knowed! I hope you will pass a great year And have a lot of good things happen to you :)

James Murphy

So........why exactly is there a couch that you can drive in this game? To me it just looks silly and pointless.

Kiera Kiers

Cause he was so hurt 😭 boo hoo

Boboy Caballero

Mama said there be days like this mama said....mama said....



There are these girls at school who always intimidate people, including me.

Ra y

Fallout 4 was the best thing Bethesda came up with in the Fallout series.

Katrina Ruiz

They’re basically having a battle to see who can litter the best