Russell Westbrook Mix 2018 - "I'm Upset" ᴴᴰ

Thank you all so much for 700 subscribers! If you don't want to watch the intro you can skip to 4:00. I can't thank you all enough but if you did enjoy this mix on Russell Westbrook! If you did enjoy this mix please leave a like this took me about 6 hours to make and please subscribe for more mixes like these ones! If you haven't seen any of my other mixes here is a playlist that contains all of them!always have a nice day :)Copyright disclaimer! I do not own this song and the clips featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner's. No copyright infringement intended. Only for entertainment purposes.Song: Drake - I'm Upset

Brandi Lewis


Doug Poppledopple

Red Theft Midnight Hunt 3: Scholarship Edition

Arianatorka Nina

you are monster


Beautiful Story❣️❣️

Daryl Dixon

The incest brother and sister in rdr2

shommo ahian

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shibu besra

Do some trick shots with cricket

kelly registe

been jamming this all weekend, still going

Yung Honcho

Lit or nah

Wendy Dinh

I hate this girl. Smh 🤦‍♀️


The german guy of the 12th glitch sounds like the Medic from TF2

UnCharismatic person ever

If she read this dont blame yourself, youre strong woman! Its not your fault when your baby died. You didnt drink alcohol or nothing. Someday she birth, believe it, or you can adobt someone

Farwez adnan

Rage monster is everywhere right?

Oh nevermind its because of the illegal mexican immigrants it now make sense.

alex gibbs

WE WANT PANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's fake and edited

Abhinav 13 Tyler

Paul is the name of the Panda in dude perfect

I later go home and tell my parents they under stand I go to the pool and swim as my therapy

Jose Jacomino

Raptors in 6


+FunWithGuru there's a second easter egg in nuk3town, shoot off all the arms of the mannequins in under two minutes and you get mannequins that act like weeping angels


Don't use the abarth just use a Lamborghini aventador ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Laurie Allen

I'm thinking about going fishing tomorrow however I can't do it tonight because it's way too late to go to the reservoir I highly doubt there's even a person out there but because it's like 9:12 at night

maripaz vega


.....what’s type 2 like....,

Radhika Sharma

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Half-life fan 39

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Cliff Miller

There's also a drawing in the ending where the narrator is happy, it depicts the game 'Ittle Dew'. It is next to a pipe close to the staircase.

idrease israr

in 4:37 ty says MY BROTHER WENT THERE

savage idk

poor panda. 🐼