Russel Westbrook x XXXTentacion "A Ghetto Christmas Carol" NBA MIX

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Guru is bacc


They should've had actual tusken raiders that attack anyone that gets near.

TheCreaneyKid 28

Omg it's u dude love ur channel 1rod1reel fishing

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Hai! Just letting you know that I 💙 the Frozen 2 trailer! (Just new that I was the first commenter!)😁Come watch me and my sisters channel it might be bad but funny! Still working on it though! Its called 'Aboga Sisters' Im Sylvanna/Ameera there! 😁👋

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You're a fucking genius 😍

Calvin Ohrt

I want it for 18,000


bruh tell me why the grandpa looks like Albert Einstein with a haircut???


cody killed that chorus fr fr


Ad van Broekhuizen

people who disliked deserve to be punched


0:57 whats with the master chief armor? :DD

Blind Heart

I think its not real 🙄


Love these man, keep it up


That's definitely the Washington square mall dicks sporting goods

Raffaelyn Antonnette Jubilo



Wait, why wasn't the police called? Even if they didn't believe her, wouldn't they have to investigate still a bit?? Like when she went to a foster home and the psycho mom took her back, doesn't matter if she's the real mom, that's kidnapping ;-; Poor girl. :( And I really hope those poor dogs get rescued. :c

Grow VendsGT

Ty always win lol

javan Anderson

A lot if pesos 😂😂

Bēs Smāā 0609 Elf SJ

Mmmmm thank you so much that's helped me a lot

Mr_x 1992

breaking bad sucks.

Dhdujsnd Ndjdjdnjc

She is a real human unlike today’s society


How did they miss the guy in the last one lmao

Neill Styles


Jessica Valentine

Do the inpire state building

LPS Angel wing

Don’t let a girl stay in your house just let the girl leave what the girl wants

pokemon TNT

I dident see a macamp,cubone and a charazard in that seen


18:23 Totally how you slip,fall and smash your mug against the wall Cody....


This is a coincidence! The bottle vid they used the song Unstoppable from The Score! And the Plunger flip trick shots they used Born for this from the same band!

Manny Cortez

You're supposed to put the balls in the toilet to finish the easter egg..slacker

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This made me cry....


Tickle my asshole and call me Billy

3 ask your friends to help u

Joshi Moshi

Anyone noticed the stone pillars on the ground, and as well as the blue fire-like entity that burned the forest into purple flames? They somehow resembled like those stone pillars and wisps in Disney's Brave.This might seem bizarre, but I think there MIGHT be a crossover of Frozen and Brave?🤔--just a weird theory of mine's though✌

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JJ got so heated


I’m the loud eater