Safari Voices International - Kikuyu Medleys (Official Video)

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Robert Miles

ya i get that problem a lot too lol

Angus Norbury

Anyone 2018?

ATX Wizard TJ

If your step mom is your real mom that means they got married had a child divorced and then came back! So she’s both?

Jillian The Cupcake

2019? No, just me?

Kathleen Johnson

1:03 ok that’s so me

Matthew Swenson

Bond being a misogynist is toned down in the movies. As Fleming wrote, he's way more screwed up, but there's also the implication that he actually is messed up, while the film versions often treat him with protagonist-centered morality; everything he does is right because he's the hero.


It would probably be the wind. :o

This Really Ain't Me you incestuous fags swapped more than that didn't you...

Dragon Training

If someone hurt my sister I would make them wish they were in hell

Bk Gamers

Golf giant

Joanthony Guerrero

The grandma part was sad


your editing skills are flawless what the actual fuck

Ra Dik


Lg V490

You coppied ksi lol :D

Not a single soul

Aris Arva

Started from the bottom now we here

Miri Admoni



R. I.P tree

Sierra Jade

I live in south Dakota how dare u forget me Emma!!!!